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Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: The worst injury I've ever had....

In my 50 Things About Me post I stated the worst injury I've ever had was when I fell off a bunk bed one New Years and had a large bruise for over a year. Thinking back though is is no where near the worst injury I've had. When I was in 5th grade...so like 11 years old I was visiting my grandparents w/ my family. My grandparents live out on 10 acres of desert so we drove around on anything with wheels. For a while they had this small tractor that would have been used for a large garden. My sister and I had fun sitting on the front while someone drove. This particular time I was on the front and my mother was driving. To this day I'm still not sure how this happened because my mom is the most careful person I've ever met. On one of the dirt road there's a fork leading to another road and my mom decided to quickly take the fork. Well I wasn't prepared for the turn and I fell off the tractor. Not a huge fall but of course then the tractor RAN ME OVER! I still remember the feeling of the wheel going over my head. I remember trying to stand up after and my mom pulling me back down to the ground. My aunt picked me up in her car and they drove me to the hospital. The one thing I remember about the hospital was that they had to CUT my favorite shirt off of me. I remember the shirt was a birthday gift from Daniel Usher. In the end what could have been a total nightmare ended up not being that big a deal. I don't think I even missed any school. I broke my shoulder blade but only wore a sling on my left arm for it. My left arm is weak to this day. I remember feeling so cool going to school with a sling. I think I was a morbid child.

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