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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hardly time for blogging anymore!

Well at the moment I don't have daily access to a computer and I have started school. That is the reason my blog has fallen dormit. I'm taking my 2nd to last prerequisit in order to get into a nursing program. The class is Biology and it has the potential to swiftly kick me in the booty! I have been studying my poor little brain to death! I think I've studied more for this one class than all my past college AND high school classes combined! We just had our first test last week. I GOT A 94!!!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling I did well on it, but had no idea I had done THAT well. My grade in the class right now is a 90, which is an A....which is FANTASTIC! But if I don't keep studying and probably work even harder than I am that grade will easily fall. Not that a B would be a bad thing, but an A would just be awesome! I think it will give me more confidence going into the next class which is Anatomy. I have never taken an anatomy class so this will be all new to me. At least with the Biology it's all stuff I've had before. Having some prior knowledge really helps in studying and understanding. Maybe I should locate the anatomy book NOW and start reading!

In other news....

Cori just turned 8 in January. I just had a parent/teacher conference with Cori's teacher and she is doing very very well. I am so glad she has Mrs. Harris. Cori is so much happier and has so much more self esteem this year. She isn't as interested in the boys as she was last year (and yes, I am sighing in relief about that!). She seems to have gotten much closer with some of the girls in her class. She (and Ethan) had a birthday party in January that was just a HUGE hit! I see her every day in the cafeteria and all her friends say hi to me and Cori is almost always in a good mood! She is getting so tall and her hair is getting so long! One of these days I'll get my puter back and I'll be able to post recent pictures.

Ethan just turned 6 in January. He has more of a struggle with school because of his disabilities. He can't handle all day Kindergarten yet, so I pull him out at 11:00 everyday. He takes a nap every afternoon which tells me he just isn't mature enough for it yet. Academically he is fine. He is a VERY bright boy. But for the sake of making his schooling less of a struggle for him he will repeat kindergarten next year with the same teacher. Ms. Cluff is so sweet to him. She's a fairly new teacher and doesn't quite know how to handle him or make him comfortable but she is trying very hard. Every day with Ethan is new and different. He is THE sweetest boy in the world! He has incredible vocabulary and talks all the time. His manners are awesome and sometimes I wonder how such a sweet boy came out of me. Then of course there is the Ethan that is very very very difficult to handle. I won't even go into the behaviors we have to deal with on a daily basis. His mild autism and SEVER Sensory Integration Disorder (and possibly ADHD) make Ethan's world different from ours and sometimes difficult for him to navigate. We are working very hard on giving him the tools he will need the rest of his life to deal with day to day stressers. I believe with as much effort we are putting into him and his therapy that he will be a very successful adult. We hope to get him into Hockey year round. He loves it and it helps with his disabilities.

Georgia (will be 4 in July), or Lil g as I call her, is such a spitfire. She has the most of both me and he father mixed in her, which can be a deadly combination. She does what SHE wants to do. She is not a bad little girl. For the most part she is a deliriously happy, energetic, little ball of fun. She's easily tickled out of a bad mood. She loves to terrorize her brother (poor little guy) and forgets very easily where fun stops and naughtiness begins. She is doing well in preschool. She has Mrs. Hailey and Mrs. Benggstein (sp?) which are the same teachers Cori and Ethan had. We absolutely LOVE these two teachers. They are awesome! Lil g is probably the least behaved of my 3 kids for them. I can tell by the way they look at her that they loved Ethan more! LOL (Ethan was absolutely perfect for them because their classroom was a perfect balance of stimulation for Ethan) Not that they don't love Georgia, but I can see times that if she weren't my child and SO stinkin' cute that I may not like her as much either!

Other than that I am still working at the pool and hosting karaoke several nights a week. I am lucky to have so much help from my mom and sister so that I can get enough sleep to function well on a daily basis. My life is not without disapointment and I am struggling with some depression at the moment. But I choose not to dwell on the negative. I have very specific goals and see them playing out in the next 3-5 years.