~In the words of the Grammar Snob.....I tend to curse and make little things seem like BIG FREAKING THINGS and overreact and think the world revolves around me. BUT! I can be sweet and charming sometimes. You should focus on those times.~

Thursday, September 25, 2008


*Let's just start with the fact that I woke up totally exhausted
*My feet seem to be getting worse again
*Ethan had a HORRIBLE day at school! Throwing tantrums AND chairs!
*I got a flat tire that couldn't be fixed
*When I jacked up my car to change the tire the jack BROKE IN HALF!
*A crazy man tried to help/rape me.
*My side gate was open when I got home. I can't tell if anything is missing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Will someone PLEASE comment of the clowns of the Red Carpet!!!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Go Fug Yourself . The fug girls crack me up! I'm sad on the weekends when the fug girls take time off from posting. So today I'm reading along laughing and I see this post(this link isn't working anymore so click on the above link to the fug blog and scroll down to the yellow dress...you can't miss it!). They're going on and on about the yellow dress...is it great...is it not....is Terri Hatcher's better...whatever but not ONE mention of the TWO giant neon colored elephants standing behind Mariska Hargitay!! The dude looks like a less frightening version of Marilyn Manson and the girl looks like a very PINK Pippy Longstocking dressed as a Harajuku Girl! Keep in mind these were NOT Halloween costumes! This was a photo on the Red Carpet at the Emmy's! And just who ARE these people?? They are on the star-studed side of the velvet rope, so they must have been invited! I really don't think Mariska or Terri's dresses was either Fab or Fug...both were alright. But will SOMEONE please comment on the clowns of the Red Carpet!!!!


OMG I JUST noticed the Harajuku Girl's SHOES!!!! Oh I want a pair!!!!!!!!

*update-so I've learned the identities of these two people. They are Kynt and Vyxsin from the Greatest Race and they are soooo growing on me!

This video is amazing and I am so impressed with these two! Once you get past the clothes they seem to be amazing people. And once you realize they're amazing people you want to embrace the look! LOL

I never watch the Greatest Race but I wish I had now!!! I have looked at everything YouTube has on these two! I love them! I know my initial reaction was one of shock but that shock has turned to awe! I so want Vixsin's hair...although I'd go with red cuz I'm more of a red girl. And I would LOVE to just LOOK at her closet! She's seems to be an accessory girl like me and I bet I'd have FUN!!!! I would love to buy these two a drink some night! I bet they'd even sing some karaoke with me (well that is if I by some miracle was able to meet them). I'm headed to hot topic next week to check out their clothing line! And I have a sudden urge to go back to Transylvania. Haven't been there since one Friday the 13th last year! I was also very glad to see they had a MySpace. Bottom line if these two ever came to Phoenix they'd so have someone to party with!

*update-Okay now I'm convinced that Kynt totally rocks! On his MySpace there is a photo of him and Vyxsin on the Rosie O'Donnel cruise (I <3 Rosie!) wearing a ZEBRA STRIPED SWEATER!!!!!!!!! You all know I'm all about the Zebra stripe (and actually giraffe print rocks too....just no cheata print please! So over done....but I digress)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am...

"I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am, I am... what I think you think I am."