~In the words of the Grammar Snob.....I tend to curse and make little things seem like BIG FREAKING THINGS and overreact and think the world revolves around me. BUT! I can be sweet and charming sometimes. You should focus on those times.~

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Geminid Meteor Shower to peak TONIGHT!

For the best view stretch out on the ground and look straight up to the sky. Watch without magnification as binoculars or telescopes limit your view. If you're in Arizona the show should start after 9pm. It should be a good show since there's a Waxing Crescent moon tonight so the sky will be dark.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10 Things Tuesday

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10 Things that really irritate me about people

1. People don't take ownership for their own emotions. The way they are feeling is everyone eles's fault.

2. People don't listen. They hear what they want to hear (and then they get all butt hurt).

3. People are fake. They're all nice to your face and then stab you in the back.

4. People don't like to hear the truth. They'd rather you say nice things to their face and stab them in the back.

5. People are intolerant of differences. If a person marches to their own drum it's gonna offend someone.

6. People don't allow joy in their lives.

7. People don't keep their word.

8. People are inconsiderate and think only of themselves

9. People are drama driven. They will find ways to have their lives in turmoil.

10. People live their lives the way they think others expect.

Now before you get all preachy and tell me that not all people are like this, know that I am talking about one person in particular. I realize that not ALL people are like this but to keep this persons name off the web I'm generalizing. And if the person who I'm talking about is reading this....well you know who you are.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I had a fantasy fullfilled.............

you don't need to know what it is. Just know that it was GREAT!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Flashback Friday

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This is probably my favorite memory I have of my kids. This was Fall of 2004 and the first time we took the kids to Tolmachoff Farms. We had so much fun and I love looking back at these pictures.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday

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10 things that are stuck to my fridge

Fridge #1 (kitchen)
1. A chore chart we don't use
2. Several watermelon magnets I made
3. 2007 calendar magent w/ our family picture on it
4. 2007 calendar magnet w/ the Shreeve Family picture on it
5. A purple princess magnet that Cori made
6. A teacher Lynda's magnet
7. Old Life Uniform name badge
8. Old Mary Kay name badge
9. A pen
10. Lots pf pics of the kids

Fridge #2 (dining room)
1. 2007 Phoenix Mercury game schedule
2. 2004 AZ DiamondBacks game schedule
3. A named tag Cori had in preschool
4. A pink AVON clip
5. Convenient Termite and Pest Control Magnet shaped like a truck
6. I heart Robots magnet
7. Shreeve Family Addresses
8. NextCare Urgent Care Magnet
9. 3 pant shaped magnets
10. Accountable Kids magnet

Monday, October 29, 2007


That's all I have for today folks.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Photohunt: Pink

I took the kids swimming today. I didn't get any pictures but here's a pic of my girls in their pink suits. They looked just like that today!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Country-Western Day!

Flashback Friday

This is a picture of Ethan back in July of 2006.
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And here is some email correspondance around the same day this picture was taken.

Re: [NWValleyMoms] How was your weekend? My job is to save you money. gigizemail@yahoo.com

The kids and I spent the day at a friends house swimming. We always get up on the roof of our back porch and watch the fireworks at GCC. I am such a FREAK when it come to heights that it takes me about 5 minutes to get up the ladder. But of course I had to walk each kid up the ladder which was the most frightening! I don't trust Allen to do it because he can be an @$$ and goof off just to scare me. I'm not willing to risk my kids lives because he's a jerk! But once we were up the ladder (I think it took more than 10 minutes!) it was really nice!
"Jessica G." wrote:
How was everyone's long weekend? Or was it?

Our company is now gone and I am looking at a really dirty house with no energy to clean it. I am procrastinating. BG left again this morning. So did anyone see fireworks?

Jessica G.

We were outside from like 7am until 11:30! We would have been out longer but I had to take Ethan to speech! The breeze this pm has been so nice as well! gigi

Shelly wrote:
I am in absolute heaven with the weather right now. Rain!!!!!!!!!

I have no habits (no good ones anyway). I don't know how you do it with 6 kids Holly! I'm going crazy with three! gigi

Holly wrote:
Did my swish/swipe for July Habit. Then had a "lightbulb moment". I have always used baby wipes to wipe the countertops, sinks, and another to wipe the toilet down. This is so silly, but today I used another to wipe down the floor around the toilet!! Hoping to keep the floor cleaner with a little every day!! How did everyone else do??

Our schedule flew out the window today because of the nice weather. I guess that's a good excuse though! Even with the schedule I still feel like a chicken w/ no head.

I have made myself stay away from the puter as much as possible because it seems to suck me in! I would love to get everyone together again soon though! If not a flyfest maybe a playdate!


Holly wrote:
Oh Gigi, I do it the same way you do!!! And only 5 are at home now... just like y ou managed from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3!!! And I have 3 older ones who are helpful. I KNOW you have routines, you just mentioned the summer routine you have down now in a previous e-mail :)

This group has been so quiet lately, I miss the chatter and frannys!!! Scavenger hunt again anyone???

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's not the end of the world

Today was early release at Cori's school and I didn't realize it. My mom (who teaches at the school) mentioned it in passing but neither of us was sure it was actually early release because they'd had conferences and 2 early release days last week. So I wasn't there to pick her up on time. My mom called, but I didn't get to the phone on time. I had company over and was waiting on a gal to come buy an item from me that I listed on Craigslist . So not only was I not there to pick her up I COULDN'T go pick her up. So I asked my sister to do it. No big deal since she was free. I don't feel bad about this. I don't feel bad when I make little mistakes. My mom gets really upset when I do this. I think because she was the "perfect" mom who NEVER forgot things for her kids (haha) and expects me to be the same. She gets even madder because I'm not upset by my mistakes. The way I look at it is there isn't any point of being upset about what happened TODAY. There's nothing I can do about it unless someone wants to lend me their time machine! Of course I'll pay better attention to stuff coming home from school so I don't miss another early release. Other than that I will no longer allow myself to use brain cells for this topic.

ps - My mom did not get mad at me today. I was, however, anticipating her madness because of past performances.

I'm an ALIEN!!!!!!!!!


You Are an Alien

You're so strange, people occasionally wonder if you're from another world.
You don't try to be different, but you see most things from a very unique, very offbeat perspective.
Brilliant to the point of genius, you definitely have some advanced intelligence going on.
No matter what circles you travel in, you always feel like a stranger. And it's a feeling you've learned to like.

Your greatest power: Your superhuman brain

Your greatest weakness: Your lack of empathy - you just don't get humans

You play well with: Zombies

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday

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Ten things my mother wouldn't let me do as a kid.

1. Play in the church yard across the street with the neighborhood kids without supervision.
As a parent now I totally understand this one. The kids in my neighborhood are freaks and I definitely don't want my kids playing with them if I weren't out there!
2. Sleep in on Saturday mornings.
This still agrivates me to this day. She still calls me way to early everyday and it pisses me off! I feel guilty for sleeping in because of this.
3. Take Drama my freshman year of high school.
Well I don't think this effected my life much, but I wish she had let me make my own decisions.
4. Go to Laura May's birthday party in 8th grade.
I was so mad, but it probably was a good thing since the girls ended up getting drunk that night.
5. Leave campus for lunch during high school.
Now just because she didn't LET me didn't mean I didn't do it every now and then. I know now that it's safer for kids to stay on campus for lunch. When my kids are old enough for this to be an issue I hope I can come up with a happy medium for this rule. I want to teach them to be responsible and not need me or someone else to watch them every second.
6. Eat candy.
Of course this was when I was very very young and I think it's a good idea.
7. Participate at a modeling agency.
I was so mad! I had some much fun and one time she called the agency using the WRONG phone number and got an escort service. She INSISTED there was something bad going on and made me quit! Not that I would have ended up as a model, but I always wanted to try at least!
8. Go to the Homecoming dance Freshman Year.
She grounded me for doing something. I spent most that year grounded. I think she over-reacted a lot. Not that I was perfect, but she expected perfection. I still feel the need to be perfect in front of her.
9. Walk or bike ride home from elementary school by myself.
Thinking about it now I'm glad she didn't! That would have been a long walk for a kid alone! It would have been long period!
10.Go over to friend's houses.
As a little kid I was able to go over to a few people's house. Select few, but that's just good parenting. As I got older and able to take myself to friend's house she just stopped letting me go. In stead of teaching me to make right decisions and hang out with good people she just put down her foot and said no. To everything. So I acted out just to show her I could.

My mom was a great parent. She was REALLY GREAT when I was little but as I got older she just kind of lost it. I understand that being a single parent is hard and I know I was not the easiest adolecent to raise. However I am going to strive to give my children a few more freedoms and help them learn to make decisions on their own. Perhaps if she had done this with me I would be able to make a decision without her permission to this day. It's very sad that I feel the need to run everything by my mother.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Love Personality Test

I don't know how true this stuff is, but it's sure interesting to look at!

Take this test!

About 8% of the U.S. population possesses the combination of traits that make up this personality type.

Being an ESFP means that you can be one smooth operator. Blessed with high energy and chameleon-like versatility, you seem to be the kind who enjoys life's fast-paced and unpredictable situations. Because you're able to adapt more easily to new situations and new people than most others are, variety can really be the spice of life for you. But just because you're social, doesn't mean you're shallow. You may not be big on intense emotional displays, but you're still quite sensitive to others. Oftentimes you know just the right thing to do or say to make someone in your life feel special. Your highly empathic nature allows you to know how others really feel without them having to spell everything out for you. Your type really seems to have a grip on life and knows how to enjoy the present moment. You're not usually one to take things for granted.

In relationships, ESFPs like you are known for being eager to please others. You'll usually try hard to make relationships work and your patient nature helps keep you going even when there are bumps in the road. Realize that you set higher expectations for yourself than many people do. Sometimes you may put too much pressure on yourself to stay in situations that aren't necessarily the best for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend SnapShot

Sonoran Sunset

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This was the end of our fun on Saturday. Great end in my opinion!
Find more Weekend Snapshot players!

The NEW Food City Spokesmodel!

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We had such a fun Saturday! Allen took the Cori and Ethan out to the farm early on Saturday to drive the sandrail. Georgia and I went out there after I got off work. The day was fun but tiring.

I was stupid and forgot to bring extra diapers for Georgia. So she ran around half naked most the day. THEN she got diahrea so Allen fashioned her an outfit. She HATED it, but put up w/ it for a while.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photohunt: Practical

To be or not to be, PRACTICAL, that is the question.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sherilyn Fenn and Julie Ormond

A friend of mine told me I reminded him of Sherilyn Fenn. By name I didn't realize who she was so I googled her. My friend refenced her to "Twin Peaks" which I've never seen. I recognize her from her small roll in Gilmore Girl's. So of course I love her! And the fact that my friend says I look like her (and I had that confirmed by another friend) I am now obsessed! I've only been told I look like one other famous person. Julie Ormond who played Sabrina Fairchild in 1995s Sabrina. I think that resemblance was more because of her short curly hair cut. My hair actually look exactly like hers did back then.

Flashback Friday

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This picture was taken back in August of 2004. I forgot how much Ethan used to like to vacuum. I think because it made a lot of noise like the stuff in daddy's garage. The fact that it had wheels probably helped too. One time we went to visit my in-laws and he immediately started running all over the house. I couldn't figure out what the heck he was doing until my sister-in-law said that he looks for the vacuum immediately whenever he visited.

The following email was from September 20, 2005.

I've learned my lesson..........
From: Gigi
To: Beth Fisher

I’ve learned my lesson about lying!!!!!! My friend, Marci, invited us over last night for dinner and family night. I have seen her about 3 or 4 nights in a row and am tired and quite frankly, sick of her! I didn't want to make her feel bad, so I told her I had just talked to you (which was the truth) and you were in town and that we'd be having dinner (which of course was not the truth). I thought she would have zero connection w/ the girl I've known FOREVER and that lives in Lake Havasu! Well, Marci asked a few questions about you and I answered her (w/ the truth of course thinking there was no need to "invent" a fictional best friend). Then Marci asks "Is Beth's mom named Celia?" I nearly fell out of my chair! Turns out your mom takes Marci's water arobics class @ LA Fitness! I just felt soooooo stupid! There was no way to tell Marci the truth and not hurt her feelings, so I just got off the phone w/ her and called your mom. When I told her this story she just HOWLED!!!!!!! She said she was happy to play along so I could have a nice relaxing evening at home, but you know what they say about "a web of lies". I just feel like an idiot! I really hope it doesn't come up and bite me in the ass! I just feel like a fool! I vow NEVER to tell another lie, no matter how bad it will make someone feel!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm so pissed off about work!

They took me off the schedule Mondays for Nov/Dec. They took me off closing Mon and Tues. They're giving me less family swims to work. They've hired 2 new guards (who both suck) and 1 new teacher so i'm the one getting shafted. I looked at my Tues and Wed schedules for Nov/Dec and I don't even have classes until 5:30 on those days. I'm so fucking pissed off. I'm trying so hard to look at this as a positive....now i have more time for piano students. But it's really hard when i can't depend on that yet. So there's my rant for the day.

Ten Things Tuesday

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Ten things I like about myself.

1. I'm forgiving
2. I'm non-judgemental
3. I have a great smile and I use it a lot.
4. I'm creative
5. I'm funny
6. I genuinely care about other people...all people.
7. I'm crazy and carefree!
8. I'm intelligent and knowledge seeking.
9. I'm a good piano/flute and swim teacher.
10.I'm a better mother than I thought I would be.

Celebrity Look-a-likes!

The two celebrities I've actually been told I look like are not on this list.

Celebrity Morphs

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The 5 Love Languages

This couldn't be more true about me. I know I cover up or avoid a lot of things with the physical part of a relationship but I truly feel loved when someone willingly helps me out. I show love this same way too.

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Acts of Service
with a secondary love language being
Words of Affirmation.

Complete set of results

Acts of Service: 9
Words of Affirmation: 7
Physical Touch: 5
Quality Time: 5
Receiving Gifts: 4


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Weekend Snapshot

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Everybody loves weekend, it is the time for leisure, recreation and other religious activities. And when everyone is having a grand time, you want to capture it and share it with others. That’s why Weekend Snapshot is here for you. Come and join the fun here

Yep, my weekend was neither fun or relaxing. It was filled with housework. The one good thing is that I had my scooba to help me.

Photohunt: Smelly

I'm new to this photohubt game. The theme is smelly and man were these two ever SMELLY!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, October 12, 2007

Birthday Freebies and Discounts

I can neither confirm nor deny any of these deals. This is just info that I've compiled over the last few years. And obviously these will vary by area. If you have one to add, or a change to make please leave a comment! But whatever you do....
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Search for birthday freebies by state

ALFY'S PIZZA - free mini pizza
ALL-AMERICAN CAFE - free dessert
APPLEBEES - free dessert
AUSTIN GRILL - Register First - free meal
AVON Free shipping and 10% off your order. You'll receive the coupon close to your birthday, and the offer is valid for 30 days.
BAKERS SQUARE - free pie
BANDIDO'S - free entry
BASKIN ROBBINS - free ice cream treat
BENIHANA'S JAPANESE RESTAURANT - free dinner WITH 3 other paying guests ( Verify first with your local )
BENNIGANS - free dessert + song
BERN'S - free meal
BILL KNAPP'S - gives adults a % discount equal to age; plus a free bday cake (w/purchase of a meal) during the week of your B-day
BLACK BRISKEE - free meal
BOB'S BIG BOY - free hot fudge ice cream
THE BODY SHOP Present your membership card ($10 to join) at any store during your birthday month and receive a gift valued at up to $10.
BUFFALO WILD WINGS (BW3) - free dozen hot wings
BURGER KING - free kids meal to all kids club members
CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN - Register First - free kids meal during the month of their birthday
CAPTAIN DIZZY'S CAR WASH - free car wash
CARROWS - free cake
CATTLEMEN'S - free dessert and cowboy hat
CHARLIE BROWNS RESTAURANTS - free meal for "Handshake Club" members
CHEVY'S - free dessert and sombrero
CHILI'S - free song
CHIPS N GIGGLES - free meal
COLD STONE CREAMERY - free ice cream treat
CLAIM JUMPER - Free Dessert
CRABTREE & EVELYN Sign up for the site's email newsletter. During your birth month, you'll get a coupon code for 10% to 15% off your next order.
CROWN THEATRES - Buy One Movie Ticket, Get One Free
CRAZY BUFFET - free meal
DAVE AND BUSTERS - $5 game card credit
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
DENNY'S - free meal (said to be only kids under 10 now)
DSW SHOES You'll get a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.
DUKE'S CHOWDER HOUSE - b1g1 coupons (register first). FREE dinner for your birthday!
EINSTEIN'S - free meal
EL CHICOS - free dessert
FAMOUS DAVE'S BARBEQUE - free meal (w/advance signup)
FRIENDLY’S Birthday club members get a free ice cream cone with any food purchase. The offer will be emailed to you 30 days before your birthday, and expires after your birthday.
FUDDRUCKERS - free burger
FUNNY BONE COMEDY CLUB - free cake (party of 5 min.; 2 drink min.)
GOLDEN CORRAL - free meal to birthday Club members (not just kids!) during month of birthday
GRILLFISH - free meal
HANA JAPAN - free meal
HARD ROCK CAFE - free dessert
HOMETOWN BUFFET - free birthday cake
HOLLYWOOD VIDEO Get a coupon for a free rental on your birthday. No coupon? Just tell a store representative that you're celebrating.
HOOTERS - free song + tshirt
IHOP- free meal
JOE'S CRAB SHACK - free cake
JT WHEATFIELDS - free coupon in phone book
KING BUFFET - free meal
LADONNA - free meal
LOMBARDI'S IN BALLARD - Register First - free meal w/another during month of birthday
LOTUS - free meal
LUTHERS BBQ - free stuff (varies) for "Great Rewards" members
MACARONI GRILL - free dessert + OPERA-style "Happy birthday" song
MAGGIANOS - $10 Off purchase of $20 (sign up in advance)
MARIE CALENDERS - free dessert
MAX AND ERMA - free $5 dessert
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
MOONIES DINER - free meal
MUCKLESHOOT CASINO - free sushi dinner + player's club points
NITTY GRITTY - free drink + souvenir glass
NY&Co Credit-card holders receive a birthday coupon for 25% off your next purchase. The coupon is valid for the month your birthday falls in.
OLIVE GARDEN - cake (some say free, most say $$)
ONAMI - free dinner WITH 3 other people paying
OUTBACK Steakhouse - free dessert + song
PANCAKE HOUSE - free entry
PAPPA'S RESTAURANTS - free dessert
PARADISO'S - free meal
PERKIN'S - free stack of pancakes
PF CHANGS - free cake or cheesecake
PIZZA EXPRESS - free meal
PONCHO'S - free meal, dessert & picture
PROVINO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - free $10.99 meal and ice cream dessert
RADISSON - free entree in their 12th floor restaurant
REAL SEAFOOD COMPANY - free meal and dessert
RED LOBSTER You'll be emailed a coupon for $5 off your next visit. The coupon expires two weeks after it's issued.
RED ROBINS - Register First - free burger coupon / discount coupon
RICE & COMPANY - free meal for Robinson Rewards Club members
ROCK BOTTOM - free appetizer for Mug Club members
ROUND TABLE - free personal pizza
SCALINI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - up to 10.95 off pasta specialties
SHEPARD'S BUFFET - free dinner buffet w/3 other paid customers
STEAK AND ALE - free mini choco cake
STEAK-N-SHAKE - free dinner for "birthday club" kids
TACO BELL - free combo meal of your choice
TGI FRIDAYS - Free birthday Dessert
THE 99 - free meal
THE BARNSIDER'S/DEPOT RESTAURANTS - 1/2 off meal + cake & song
THE LOFT - free meal
THE PALM - 3lb lobster (must be a member/register first)
THE PARADISO - free entry + sombrero & song
THE VINE TAVERN - free meal
TODAI SEAFOOD BUFFET - Free Meal or voucher for Meal Next Visit
TONY ROMA'S - free dessert, free meal
UP THE CREEK - free meal and dessert
VACCARO'S ITALIAN PASTRY SHOP - free dessert and drink
WENDY'S - free kids meal to all kids club members
WINE.COM Get a coupon for $10 off your next order. The coupon will be emailed to you around your birthday.
Z' TEJAS - Register First - $15 coupon for the month of your birthday
ZIO'S - free dessert mini pizza

Flashback Friday

I save emails that I send and receive as a "sort of" journal. I did this way before I start blogging! So on Flashback Friday I'm going to post some of these old conversations. This one is from Thanksgiving 2005. Oh and just so you know I'm not having anymore kids! 3 is good no matter who I want to piss off!

----- Original Message -----
From: Gigi
To: Flygroup
Subject: I hate people who tell me how many kids I can have....

My mom and my grandma are constantly telling me I don't need any more kids. They told me that when I announced I was pregnant the 2nd and 3rd time and continue to tell me. Well tonight, a cousin I don't see very often had the nerve to tell me that if I had any more kids he'd "kick my ass". Another one of my cousins said "I grew up w/ 4 siblings and it was too many". UMMM...which one would you like to not have then???? OMGosh, it is no ones business, except mine and Allen's, if we have more kids! I am so onery that it makes me want to have like 5 more just to piss them off! That would teach me wouldn't it! LOL

Brenda Jones wrote:AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! THAT MAKES ME CRAZY!!! My parents did that to us and I was SO angry! When we had a girl (after our son) they were like, "Great, you have one of each. You can stop now!" Then I got pregnant with #3 and it was "How do you expect to pay for this one?" With #4 my mom gasped and grabbed my dad's leg in horror! With #5 we decided not to even tell them until they said, "What's with the belly?" I'd just flat out tell anyone who had a comment that it was flat out none of their freakin' business!!! Flat out!!! lol Or a snotty, "Why do you care?" Or tell your stupid cousin, "I'll kick YOUR ass right now for stickin' your fat nose into my reproductive business!" AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

If you can't tell, I am SO on your side! Ask your mom and grandma, "So which one should I have aborted? Cori, Ethan or Georgia?" and give them a SCATHING look! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

Bren in Peoria (Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!)

Gigi wrote:ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh Bren! I've have had serious talks w/ my mom concerning this in the past and she has backed off a tiny bit. My grandma is 80 (or is it 82?) and she's not going to change so there's no point in fighting w/ her about it. As for my cousins, I don't see them often enough for a fight to be worth my breath, so I just roll my eyes at them. When others say it I do tell them to mind their business. A gal at church (a mormon gal for heaven sakes!) said I just don't know what you're going to do w/ 3 kids! I told her where she could put her opinion (nicely, but to the point). Honestly, I'm not planning on having anymore, and if we do decide to have another it will be just ONE more. It's just the principle of the matter. It's MY body, MY family, MY decision (w/ a tiny bit of input from Allen!).


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who do they look like more?

Actually, I think Cori looks more like her daddy. She has his big brown eyes.

Yeah, Ethan definitely looks more like me.

Except for their coloring Ethan and Georgia look exactly alike so I think she looks more like me.