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Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's not the end of the world

Today was early release at Cori's school and I didn't realize it. My mom (who teaches at the school) mentioned it in passing but neither of us was sure it was actually early release because they'd had conferences and 2 early release days last week. So I wasn't there to pick her up on time. My mom called, but I didn't get to the phone on time. I had company over and was waiting on a gal to come buy an item from me that I listed on Craigslist . So not only was I not there to pick her up I COULDN'T go pick her up. So I asked my sister to do it. No big deal since she was free. I don't feel bad about this. I don't feel bad when I make little mistakes. My mom gets really upset when I do this. I think because she was the "perfect" mom who NEVER forgot things for her kids (haha) and expects me to be the same. She gets even madder because I'm not upset by my mistakes. The way I look at it is there isn't any point of being upset about what happened TODAY. There's nothing I can do about it unless someone wants to lend me their time machine! Of course I'll pay better attention to stuff coming home from school so I don't miss another early release. Other than that I will no longer allow myself to use brain cells for this topic.

ps - My mom did not get mad at me today. I was, however, anticipating her madness because of past performances.

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