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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday

You're welcome to read the whole articleTEN THINGS YOU SHOULD DO IF YOU ENCOUNTER A UFO but I just jotted down the main points.

1. The No. 1 thing to remember is REMAIN CALM! But protect yourself from any hazards real or perceived.

2. Be objective. Not every UFO is extraterrestrial. Eliminate every other possibility (within your means) first.

3. Use a camcorder or camera to record the event. Try to keep reference points in the field of view, as this will aid researchers in analyzing the film.

4. If you have a tape recorder, record your description of the event as it happens. Include reference points on this tape also.

5. If other witnesses are present, ask them to write or record their observations.

6. If the UFO left some trace of its presence behind, do not disturb the area around it, and restrict access to the site (it's not a crime anymore; it's now a crime scene).

7. If the sighting is from a distance, at an arms length, what would it take to cover up the object? A quarter? A penny? A dime? An aspirin? Or would it take something bigger? A golf ball? A baseball? Or a tennis ball?

8. Try to judge the distance from you to the object, the object's altitude and its speed.

9. Should you encounter some type of extraterrestrial being associated with the craft, be prepared to take evasive action to protect yourself. From a safe distance, in a concealed position, photograph or videotape the being.

10. Immediately report the event to a UFO research organization for investigation.

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