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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sexy is a State of Mind

So I was talking to a friend who thought he gave off some kind of sexy vibe. Sexy is a state of mind, I related to him. This is something I've always thought. Even though I've been heavy the last several years I've never really let it get me down because of this thought. So I thought I'd google it. It came up w/ some fascinating items that I didn't just want to link to.

Webster defines sexy as "generally attractive or interesting". This definition just seems way too tame. When I feel sexy I don't feel "generally attractive". I feel ALIVE. I feel sparkly (no I FEEL sparkly, I didn't say I WAS sparkly). I think the world has such a perverted idea of sexy. You can't google the word sexy w/out coming up with almost 100% porn sites! What's sexy about a silicon women being banged from all ends?

So the first time I googled THE PHRASE 'sexy is a state of mind' I didn't put quotes around it and came up w/ the following article: "A New York state of mind: seventeen ways to look city-chic—no matter where you live". click here My only thought is that I better be damn sexy if the cotton shirt I'm wearing cost $580!!!!!! Holy crap!

This happens to be a very interesting blog click here about how to look and feel sexy. There are some great things in it. One thing that popped out at me in an article titled "A Sexier You" was this statement: "Brad Pitt didn't just wake up one day super sexy and super confident". And I'm thinking 'I think that man was BORN knowin he was sexy'.

This is from Yahoo answers. click here Yahoo answers is an amazingly interesting place that I have tried very hard to stay away from. It's kind of like the "Dear Abby" section of the newspaper. Pointless but you can't seem to stay away from it. I should ask it something huh?

And hell ya pregnant women should feel sexy! I sure as hell didn't. click here Maybe this site will give you some ideas on how to be sexy while you can't cotrol your flatulence, waddle like a duck, can't bend over, and have feet the size of submarines.

click here The fact that the first thing on this page is a fabulous pair of shoes should tell you WHY it caught my eye. Then reading the two articles made me even more interested. Would it be rediculous to go to Virgina for a hair cut?

Good article!Want to Look and Feel Sexy on the Inside?

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