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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 23, 2010: Georgie's 5th bday!


She asked for a scooter cuz her brother and sister had one. Little did she know we'd already thought of that! LOL


Ethan got her a piggy bank!


Cori got her a Unicorn on a Stick....sounds a little bit like a dessert!


She got a Ziu Ziu pet from Rob's cousins. This is also one of those things she asked for! LOL


Me and my cute girls. We had Lil g's bday party @ Peter Piper Pizza...or Peper Piper Pizza as she calls it!





Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Playing catch up!

I am soooooooooooooooooooo behind in my blogging. I just downloaded almost 500 pics off my phone and that's just from May! So I'm gonna do some pic blogs to catch up. I VOW to get my blogging back to a regular thing I do!

We've been taking daily walks around our Condo's lake and then swimming. Trying to make the most of our last week of summer vaca!

Chasing the kids on their scooters makes walking the lake a good workout for me!


Beautiful Scenery!


They are FAST!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Book titles that have been suggested to me. Add to my list in the comments sections

In no particular order...

Prague by Arthur Phillips
The Gifted Boss by Dale Dauten
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
An Evening of Long Goodbyes by Paul Murray
Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
Slam by Nick Hornby
And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by Jack Kerouac & William S. Burroughs
Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris
The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta
No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy
The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John Le Carre
Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
Snobs by Julian Fellowes

The 'In Crowd'

I woke up today thinking about friendships, and how life is still exactly like high school sometimes. I think in my line of work people consider me part of the 'in crowd' and I know SO many people strive to get into this crowd. Whether it be at work, in a social setting, with family there always seems to be an 'in crowd', a person or group that everyone wants to be friends with. What I've realized about myself is I've never been IN the 'in crowd'. I have always hovered around it cautiously, mixing in it occaisionally, but always take myself right back out. I don't think people neccesarily look at me and WANT to be friends with me. As a matter of fact I think it's the opposite. I think people usually set out to not like me, and end up liking me anyway cuz I'm kinda infectuous. I've never thought of myself as anti-social but I definitely have issues when it comes to social circles. The fact that I find most people completely rediculous probably doesn't help. The fact that I speak my mind and use very little filter probably doesn't help either. I enjoy WATCHING people, even the stupid ones. It's hard to be IN a crowd when you prefer to sit quietly and watch the crowd.

Monday, January 4, 2010

kids were so excited 2 see horseback riders on bell road 2day!
thru emissions I go again. seriously i want 2 shoot myself!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today is my dad's birthday. I think he's officially Bob to me. He has chosen to have no relationship with me and after years of it tormenting me, I'm just washing my hands of it. I do wish him a very happy day.

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother's death, my dad's mother. It may be why he is on my mind. I wasn't close to my dad's parents, but I feel we were closer than me and my dad were because they actually made an effort to communicate a little with me over the years. I loved my grandparents. They had good hearts.

Today I got papers from the Peoria Police department. Cori and Ethan have been chosen to be involved with Shop-With-A-Cop. They get to eat breakfast and have a ride with a police officer and then get to go Christmas shopping for themselves. I think they will have a blast!

Today I worked at the pool and there must have been something in the water! It was Onery Tuesday! Just about Every kid seemed to be possesed by the devil! About 4 classes in, I gave up and just decided to have fun with them! It was a fun evening. Being in the pool seemed to make my feet feel better. They were so so sore yesterday and were so swollen they looked like hobbit feet!

Today I missed my love and look forward to the Holiday weekend with him.

Today I got my oil changed. No more clickity-click noise!

Today I cleaned my mom's house because I had nothing else to do!

Today was a good day. I'm glad that I'll be done with work in about 30 minutes. I wish I was going home to my love, but I'm looking forward to seeing him in the morning.

I'm glad today is over. ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

A 4YO's description of a fire drill: 1 time @ school we were pretending there was fire!
westgatecitycenter.com.....sing for bling

Sunday, November 22, 2009

note to self: websites to check out- womenofscottsdale.org & westvalleywomen.org

My new moto: if it aint broke don't fix it!

See what all this "construction has done for my blog? Yup! Completely wiped it out! I'm so frustrated!

Time to breath new life into this Blog!

So I'm going to be doing some construction on my blog. I think I need to motivate myself Blog more! I also need to get my camera fixed so I can take more pictures! I'm thinking I need to start doing those daily blog memes (I think that's what they're called) again to keep me motivated and maybe to squelch my writers block! Stay tuned, and give me feedback!

Why we should equate donuts to sex!

donuts=randome one night stand

I've been playing around with losing weight for a couple years now. I do well for a while and go down then I get lazy or something and go back up. I've been trying to add more excersize but it seems lately I just can't get my eating under control. I've been eating like crap lately! I get bored or in some kind of slump and I just eat junk! I've been on a Boston Cream donut kick lately, probably thanks to my daughter, Lil g, and her damn sweet tooth! Well last week I said no more donuts! Today I'm feeling down because of some potential life changing decisions and what do I do? I go straight for a damn donut! So I eat the donut and then an amazing epiphony hit me! That donut was the same as a one-night stand! It looked delicious and it gave me a few minutes of pleasure, and then left me with a stomach ache and regret. I've only ever gotten one good thing out of random sex, and I've never gotten anything good from a donut! I think if everyone look at their vices in this same light we'd all live healthier happier lives! Why do something if it's only going to give you momentary pleasure and leave you with regret? This has really given me something to think about! I definitely have a few more vices I need to concer!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's still hard to look at pictures of my grandpa

My grandma has pictures plastered everywhere of my grandpa at her house now. He passed away March 13, 2009. I didn't realize how hard it was for me to look at them until the other day. My grandpa was the most important man in my life for 23 years (until my son was born). He taught me just about everything I know. I attribute 80% of my positive attributes to him and about 40% of my negative attributes as well. He was an amazing man, with an amazing life, and amazing stories. I am able to take care of quite a few things on a car because of him. I am able to problem solve very well because of him. I am unable to tolerate stupid people because of him (see, it's a catch 22). I know there are things in my life, past, present, and future, that he would not be okay with. I can hear his voice in my head when I have a decision to make. But without a shadow of a doubt I KNOW that man loved me. And I know he loved me for who I am, even if he didn't agree with me. I think it's very hard to disagree with a person and yet show them love at the same time and yet he managed to do just that every day. I am glad to say that when it comes to him I have a clean conscience. I know I did right by him and I know I continue to do right by him by making sure the love of his life is ok. He loved my grandma more than anything. I don't think there is anything that he wouldn't have done for her. It is purely his example that I now realize what true love is. I feel bad for people who didn't get to know my grandpa. A lot of people will have a lot of bad things to say about 'Howard'. He was very outspoken. In his mind he knew what was right and that was it. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people only saw this. If you're quick to judge, or quick to be offended, then you wouldn't have liked him. But if you talked to him with an open-heart, knowing that you may not agree with him, but knowing you are talking to a man who stands up for what he believes in with more integrity than you ever thought possible, then you would love him. He is an amazing example to me of how a person should be. I can see in me the things that are good from him and I try to utilize them to the best of my ability. I see the things in me from him that are not so great and I do my best to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I am a strong person with a strong work ethic that can problem solve my way out of anything. For that and everything else he has given me I will always be truly greatful and hold him in my heart.

ps-if you're a person that has no, or doesn't use any, common sense, know that I plaster on a smile and keep my comments to myself. :)