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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why we should equate donuts to sex!

donuts=randome one night stand

I've been playing around with losing weight for a couple years now. I do well for a while and go down then I get lazy or something and go back up. I've been trying to add more excersize but it seems lately I just can't get my eating under control. I've been eating like crap lately! I get bored or in some kind of slump and I just eat junk! I've been on a Boston Cream donut kick lately, probably thanks to my daughter, Lil g, and her damn sweet tooth! Well last week I said no more donuts! Today I'm feeling down because of some potential life changing decisions and what do I do? I go straight for a damn donut! So I eat the donut and then an amazing epiphony hit me! That donut was the same as a one-night stand! It looked delicious and it gave me a few minutes of pleasure, and then left me with a stomach ache and regret. I've only ever gotten one good thing out of random sex, and I've never gotten anything good from a donut! I think if everyone look at their vices in this same light we'd all live healthier happier lives! Why do something if it's only going to give you momentary pleasure and leave you with regret? This has really given me something to think about! I definitely have a few more vices I need to concer!

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