~In the words of the Grammar Snob.....I tend to curse and make little things seem like BIG FREAKING THINGS and overreact and think the world revolves around me. BUT! I can be sweet and charming sometimes. You should focus on those times.~

Saturday, August 30, 2008

This weekend is going GREAT!

I found my RV gate open, probably pushed by the wind, and I can't close it. And now my fridge seems to be broken. GRRRRRR!!! I'm tired of taking care of this house on my own. I want to move and rent!!

Saturday 9:Labor Day edition

1. What are you doing special this weekend for Labor Day?
Well I'm basking in the fact that my kids are out of town and I can SLEEP!!! I will actually end up working too, but that's okay! LOL

2. What was your best vacation this past summer?
What the hell if vacation?? LOL

3. Did you do anything special for the 4th of July?
Went out with some friends and did karaoke. Didn't end up even seeing fireworks! LOL

4. What did you do special for Memorial Day?
Okay you're asking me to remember something that happened in MAY!

5. How was the weather? Tell us where you live and how the weather was as compared to summers past.
I live 2 inches above hell in hot Phoenix. I have no idea if it's been hotter or cooler this year. Once it reaches 100 degrees I think heat is all relative. Recently it's been way too humid. I can handle a million degrees of dry heat but as soon as you add humidity I am sick. Literally sick to my stomach! My grandmother calls it "Summers Complaint".

6. Did you discover a new favorite summer drink?
Water, water, and more water.

7. Did you enjoy this summer’s Olympics?
They were awesome!

8. I am from New England (Rhode Island). Lobster rules supreme in the summer. Is lobster part of your summer ritual?
Nope. I'm not opposed to Lobster. I think it's very tasty, but I have no intention of cooking a lobster and Seafood restaurants aren't in my budget right now.

9. What was the best single day of your summer?
That would have to be yesterday and today. No kids allowed me to sleep in VERY late! LOL

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Friday, August 29, 2008

How does google know???

I love google but I'm getting a creepy big brother vibe from them. I have been dealing with my dog being infested with tics thanks to a stray getting in our yard. I have not posted this info ANYWHERE on the internet because, really, who needs to know my dog has tics, right? So today I'm looking at my blog and what is google adsense avertising?? Tic dipping products!!! I am totally freaked out now! LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Update!

Poor Lil g had to have FIVE shots today! Apparently I'm a horrible mother and haven't gotten her shots since she was 6 months old! She's passed out now. Poor thing! But she's all ready for preschool now! Open house is Friday!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't tell me you're gonna do something if you don't intend to do it!

I HATE when people say they'll do something and then don't!!!! Especially when it's an intentional "yeah yeah I'll do it" when the whole time they had no intention of doing it at all. If you're not going to do what I've asked just tell me. I may be mad but I'll still have respect for you and know you have some integrity. I am trying to do some cleaning and rearranging that Allen asked me to do. I got to a point where I need him to move a heavy table for me. He told me yesterday he would move it. This morning when it hadn't been done I indicated I still needed the table moved and by his reaction I knew he had no intention of moving it. He only told me he would to shut me up! I am so flippin irritated! And I knew there was no point in arguing with him about it because he would just say more things to shut me up! So I shut myself up instead.

And as a side...I do understand that people get busy and sometimes things get left undone unintentionally. This doesn't bother me as I know I sometimes do this as well. But I am apologetic and get the thing done as soon as I can!!

And let's get some POSITIVE going in this post! I don't post my to-do lists very often. I'm sure if I did I'd get more done! LOL But anywho I wanted to mention what I got done yesterday. Besides laundry, dishes, and regular stuff I am working on cleaning/ducluttering my "craft" room. I've stopped crafting (for the most part anyway...I'm now doing digital scrapbooking because it takes less space) and we're going to turn my craft room into the girls room. So yesterday I got a HUGE area cleaned up. The recycling and regular garbage cans were packed (thank goodness today is trash day). My trunk is FULL of stuff to take to Goodwill. I've got 2 big boxes of craft supplies to take to a scrapbooking friend of mine.

My goal today is to get the rest of the laundry put away and wash one more load and rearrange the furniture in the living room. I sold an old decorative sewing machine this week so now I have more room (and one less thing to dust)!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Special: ~Arts & Entertainment~

1. Favorite Quote or Saying?
(it's the header of my blog)
"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." by Marilyn Monroe

2. Favorite Poem or Ode?
"I tried to catch a cold
On a damp and chilly afternoon in autumn
I tried to catch a cold
but he skittered by so fast that I missed him
But I'm glad to hear you caught him"
by Shel Silverstien

3. Favorite Line from a Play or Movie?
"They're called boobs, Ed" Erin Brochovich

4. Favorite TV Show of All Time?
Friends! My life is a Friend's reference!

Saturday Special

Saturday 9: Favorite Music

1. What was your first favorite song?
I have no idea. I have always loved music and never really had favorite songs. My all time fave song is He'll Have To Go, but I don't think this was my first.

2. Who was your first favorite female singer?
Probably Belinda Carlisle or Cindy Lauper! LOL

3. Who was your first favorite male singer?
More than likely Jordon from NKOTB! LOL

4. Who was your first favorite band?
I don't know that I've ever had a fave. I just like a bunch too much

5. Who is your all time favorite band?
I dunno... again too many. But Dave Matthews Band ranks way up there along with Metallica and Oasis and Aerosmith...I could come back and keep adding bands forever!

6. Who is your all time favorite male singer?

7. Who is your all time favorite female singer?
Patsy Cline

8. What is your all time favorite LP/CD album?
This survey is getting boring...especially for those of you reading it! LOL I don't own CDs anymore and I don't think I ever had a fave.

9. What was your first favorite radio station?

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashback Friday: Ethan

Told you I'd get back to the regularly scheduled program!

Then (2004)


Now (2008)


Flashback Friday: G fly g fly so so fly

Not flashing back on my own life at the moment. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled program soon enough. Tonight I want to tell you about something that just makes me go....hmmmm....

Is it possible that Jesse McCartney looks younger now than he did a few years ago. Is it also possible that a WHITE KID says "g fly g fly....so so fly". I just giggle everytime I hear it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half over and Whole tired!

The day is just barely half over and I am already whole tired! I actually got to sleep in because my sister had Lil g last night. So I picked her up at 10. Then we went to the school it being 11:00 early release. So we played in the heat waiting for Cori and Ethan and once the kids came out we waited even longer because Ethan made a little girlfriend and wanted to go play at her house. Of course this little girls mom was the LAST parent to show up! Oh well she seemed nice and I'll call her next week and make arrangements. Then I drove through McDonald's and got chicken nuggets and french fries for the kids to eat. We had to run home to get Lil g clean pants and underwear (I HATE POTTY TRAINING). After that we headed to Ross to buy new pillows and bed sheets for the trailer (which reminds me I have to make a flag for them...grrrr). Allen and the kids' are going to the Shreeve family reunion next week and taking the trailer. So now we're home....I'm hot...the kids are relatively quiet....but I'm not done. My mom will take Lil g for a hair cut this afternoon and I'll have to pick her up from there at 5:30 for swim lessons at 6:00. Hopefully someone will meet me at the pool at 6:30 to take the kids home so I can get going with my evening. Which also means I have to be dressed and pretty before I leave to get Lil g at 5:30! AHHHHH Did I mention I'm tired??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Juliette Lewis

This woman confuses me. I don't know whether I like her or not. I loved the movie "The Other Sister”. I had no idea she had a band. I have no idea whether I like her music. She has one of those voices that confuses me. She's no Christina Aguilera, whom I adore, but then again who needs another one of those?? Her voice isn't perfect but thank goodness she isn't covering it up w/ special effects and synthesizers. I like her song ”Sticky Honey” (despite how weird the video is) but I'm not sure I should. Is liking this song the same as liking Hole’s ”Celebrity Skin? She can’t dress...or does she just dress the way that makes her comfortable which is just great in my book. Is her weirdness over the top?? I think it ROCKS that she started a band at 30...gives me hope for myself. I'm confused! I want to like her because the media tells me not to. But is the media telling me not to like her as a form of reverse psychology so that I actually WILL like her? grrrr...I will think about this more and let you know! I may have to buy her CD so I can play it in loop to decide!

This video just plain SUCKS!

However this one makes me smile!

Saturday 9

1. Do you worry about your next birthday?
Why would I worry about something that is going to be so much fun! It's my I'm-not-30-yet b-day!!!!!!!

2. Have you ever lied about your age in the recent past? If yes why?

3. Have you ever lied about your age when you were young? If yes why?

4. How much older have you been a person that you were romantically involved?
Not older at all. I like my guy older than me!

5. How much younger have you been a person that you were romantically involved?
When I was 19 I dated a 33-year-old...so 14 years!

6. Have you ever been considered a sibling, rather than parent of your child?
no...and if anyone thought that I'd say they need glasses or to get a new pick up line cuz my oldest kid is 7!

7. If you have had children, did you factor in age when deciding to have a sibling?
not really

8. If you have not had children, are you happy with your choice and/or fate?
I have children....I think I have to be happy ith my choice! LOL

9. Do your siblings have kids? Are you close to them? Their ages?
Both my step-brothers and 1 of my step-sisters have kid. I was closer to them when I was younger but not close at all now.

1. What is your job and do you like it?
I wear many hats. Mom, swim instructor, Coupon$ense instructor, Karaoke host and Piano/flute teacher. I like them all...otherwise why would I do them?

2. What to you do to unwind after work?
Karaoke! LOL

3. Who have you known the longest of your friends?
Beth...since we were born

4. Who do you go to for advice?
umm..depends on what kind of advice I need. I prefer to get input from several sources and then make my own decision.

5. Not counting your current relationship, how many times have you been in love?
just once

6. What is you favorite snack food?
eh...anything quick and easy. I don't really have a fave I go back to all the time

7. What is the best meal you ate this week?
hmm..dunno...probably one of my sandwhiches! I love sandwhiches and make kick-ass sandwhiches!

8. What to you is the most important factor in romantic attraction?
Chemistry...which involces physical attraction, and mental attraction

9. What do you think is your worst habit?
They're all bad

1. What is your favorite summer drink?
water in this heat!

2. What is the best summer sport to play?
umm...swimming! nice and cool

3. What’s the best summer sport to watch?

4. Do you like the ocean, the pool or the lake?
A pool would be my first choice. I don' like to swim in a body of water in which I can't see what's under me.

5. Some folks drink whiskey in the winter and gin, tequila (margaritas) or rum drinks in the summer. Does you alcohol of choice change?
not because of the weather ;-)

6. What is your favorite summer song?
Don't know that I have a fave but I was really excited this summer when NKOTB got back together and i really liked their single "Summertime".

7. What was your best summer growing up? How old were you and why was it best?
All my summers kinda run together. We always did the same stuff. A lot of swimming, lots of traveling w/ my grandparents, going to see my dad, etc. Plus my mom always baby-sat my friends in the summer so I always had fun.

8. Have you ever had a summer romance that you knew would end?
I don't think so.

9. How old were you when you first went skinny-dipping? Who were you with?
hehehe...I'm so naughty! 19 w. Brad

1. What part of the world and country do you live in?
I live 2 inches from hell

2. What is the furthest from home that you have been, and where is it?

3. What travel destination have you enjoyed the most?
I don't think I've been to the destination I will enjoy the most! LOL

4. What travel destination have you enjoyed the least?
Anywhere near my father

5. Is there somewhere you’d like to visit but have not, and where is it?
pretty much everywhere!

6. Do you prefer traveling to see historic places or to hit the beach and relax?
This question is asked as if I have the option to do either of these! LOL What the hell is traveling!

7. What popular vacation destination have you never considered because you think you’d not like it?
I have a feeling I'd like any popular vacation destination!

8. Where do you travel to most recently?
nowhere! Went down to Sierra Vista last year Labor Day

9. Do you like day trip “mini-vacations”?
I'd LOVE to if I had the opportunity!

1. What is your favorite thing to do alone?
sleep...or read.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend?
KARAOKE!!!!!!! actually just sit and talk would be my favorite thing to do with her!

3. What is your favorite band?
At this moment Housman's Athletes

4. What is your favorite song?
I love music too much to pick a fave. It always rotates!

5. What is you favorite part of your job?
Teaching kids and seeing them improve

6. What is your favorite TV show, on now?
I don't watch tv.

7. What is your favorite TV show all time?

8. Who is your favorite actor?
Will smith

9. What is your favorite film?
This answer would be the same as my one for favorite song.

1. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?
I do both pretty evenly

2. Do you take compliments well?
Generally I just say thank you. I hate people who disagree w/ a compliment!

3. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
Girls camp for church

4. What was your favorite game as a kid?

5. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew the person was married, would you go for it anyway?
nooooo...way too much drama and soooo not my place!

6. Use three words to describe yourself?

7. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed?
my kids...everything else is just colatoral damage!

8. Do you look like your mom or dad?
My mom and I have the same face...just different hair. Although my dad blindly insists I'm "Harrison through and through". He's a jackass.

9. Anything big ever happen in your hometown?
My hometown is Phoenix...it's pretty big..so big stuff happens here all the time.

Wanna Participate in Saturday 9?

Silly but fun!

Do you have a tan line anywhere?:
Yup! I'm in the pool 4 days a week!

How long until your birthday?:
~33 days until my I'm-not-30-yet b-day!

Do you have any relatives in the military currently?:
~well my sister's fiancee is (how screwed up is it that my sister has been engaged for 3 months and NO ONE told me!)

Are you better at math or art?:
~I can barely count and I cannot draw AT ALL!

Science or History?:
~I remember liking my history teacher, Mr Johnson, my Jr year of high school. I don't remember liking History though. I was surprisingly good at Chemistry in high school but sucked at all other forms of science!

Who was your 4th grade teacher?
~Mr Stone (I still remembe this stupid little chant/cheer we used to yell using the letters of his name).

Where did you go to pre-school, if you went at all?:
~My mom did pre-school stuff with me

Who was the last person to call you?:
~Mary Yonkin

Who was the last person to text you?:

Do you own a digital camera?:
~yup but it's broken

How old is the cellphone you have right now?:
~a couple months I think

Do you know anyone named Tyler?:
~I know OF someone named Tyler

Can you do a handstand?:
~hmmm...I don't think I'd even attempt one

Have you ever had a pet fish?
~nope...and now that my son is a fish killer we will never have one!

Did you kiss or hug anyone yesterday?

Do you think people have any misconceptions about you?
~of course, as I'm sure I have some about others

Do you miss someone?
~not really

Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?:
~ummm...that's really hard to answer when it's hypotheical

Whens the last time you flew in a plane?
~I was preggers w/ Ethan who is 5 now

Honestly, whats on your mind right now?
~just running through all the shit I need to get done

Who made you cry last?
~ummm...it was a sweet email I got from someone I don't know very well. She got wind of my rough times and just wanted to cheer me up. It made me cry! LOL

What was the last TV show you watched?
~umm...I think I popped in a Dawson's Creek DVD the other day, although I didn't really sit and watch it. I just had it on for noise.

What are your plans for tomorrow?
~Family stuff as usual and hopefully seeing Housman's Athletes.

Do you spell words like 'favorite' and 'color' with or without the 'u'?
~depends on my mood...I like the u.

Are you obsessed with hannah montana/miley cyrus?
~ummm NO

What reminds you of summer?
~the freakin' heat!

Have you ever been on a Slip'N'Slide?
~bought one for my kids a couple years ago...decided I'd show them how to use it....was the STUPIDEST thing I've ever done! These boobs were not made for slip n slides!

Have you ever changed in front of a window?
~yup.......but it had curtains!

Do you prefer to watch scary movies alone or with another person?
~I tried to go see Sleepy Hollow in the theatre alone....I stayed all of 5 minutes!

Have you ever seen the TV show "Ace of Cakes"?

Have you ever misspelled your own name?

Have you ever seen the movie 'Sandlot'? If so, did you like it?
~You're killin' me Smalls!

Does it annoy you when people answer questions in a different language?
~it doesn't annoy me but it's pointless

Do your neighbors have any dogs or cats?
~a dog....who needs a new home

When are you gonna move away from home?
~Did that years ago...but I think about running away from home all the time!

Who was the last person you threw out of your life?
~Most people run out of my life on their own steam!

How many windows are open on your computer?

Are you sarcastic?
~It's only ONE of the services I offer

Are you shy?

In the past week have you watched cartoons?
~I have a 3 year old....enough said!

What day this week has been your favorite so far?

In the past week have you felt sad?
~not sad...just stressed

Do you have plans for this weekend?
~manual labor on the house today...working tonight....family stuff tomorrow....hopefully seeing Housman's.

Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
~of course

Last thing you said aloud?
~I listed that thing for sale

Have you ever had your heart broken?
~yeah...but I realized it was NOT worth the anxiety that I allowed it!

Are you hungry?

Has anyone ever given you roses?
~YEARS ago!

Has anyone ever told you they love you?

Who woke you up this morning?
~I woke myself up. I slept 12 hours!

Are you happy right now?
~I'm pretty mellow at the moment...relatively happy!

I have a new washer a dryer!!!!!!!

Oh the things a mother gets excited about! My mom was given a NICE NICE almost new set so she passed on her set to me which are not new but MUCH newer and NICER than mine! My washer is now TWICE the size of the one I hd before! I'm stoked! If my camera was working I so would have pictures of it! LOL

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is my cute little Ethan back in 04!




Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sparing the details....


Time to start updating this thing!

When I was a kid I was so good at writing in a journal everyday. Now I have all this technology at my finger tips and I can't manage to journal once a month now. I'm pretty sure no one reads this which is totally okay. This is mostly for me. I'm not one of those bloggers that only talks about my kids. As a matter of fact I'm too selfish to be one of those moms. I'm not saying those moms are bad. I wish I could be one of those people who live completely for their kids but sadly in my world the earth rotates around me. I have to admit I'm aprehensive about writing a lot of things in my life in such a public forum. Quite frankly most the things I think would just scare people! LOL I know I look all sweet and innocent but underneath that lies a very complicated person. See I already feel like I've said too much.

So I think I've decided to go back to school and finish my RN. The prospect of going back to school scares me. I'm smart but I'm not a sit down and study person. I never was. In high school I got away w/ doing NOTHING and still made the honor roll. Sadly that was 10 years ago and my brain is a little dusty. Plus college is a whole different ball game. I can't just float through. I actually have to learn something! LOL So the task of school is daunting but I'm going to dig in and do it. The payoff will be fantastic when I get done and can actually afford to support myself. I will enjoy paying off all my debt and perhaps moving to a better neighborhood. That would be fantastic!

In other thoughts running through my head....my friend Jeana cleaned out her closet and gave me some new shirts! I'm so excited! I love new clothes! I was getting bored of my wardrobe so it was perfect timing! Now to choose which one I will wear tonight!

And my ADD has no kicked in. I must go do something else!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday




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I have no car....AGAIN!

I haven't updated in a while cuz my life is crazy. I am carless. LONG story. One of these days I'll get back to updating this thing.