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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Juliette Lewis

This woman confuses me. I don't know whether I like her or not. I loved the movie "The Other Sister”. I had no idea she had a band. I have no idea whether I like her music. She has one of those voices that confuses me. She's no Christina Aguilera, whom I adore, but then again who needs another one of those?? Her voice isn't perfect but thank goodness she isn't covering it up w/ special effects and synthesizers. I like her song ”Sticky Honey” (despite how weird the video is) but I'm not sure I should. Is liking this song the same as liking Hole’s ”Celebrity Skin? She can’t dress...or does she just dress the way that makes her comfortable which is just great in my book. Is her weirdness over the top?? I think it ROCKS that she started a band at 30...gives me hope for myself. I'm confused! I want to like her because the media tells me not to. But is the media telling me not to like her as a form of reverse psychology so that I actually WILL like her? grrrr...I will think about this more and let you know! I may have to buy her CD so I can play it in loop to decide!

This video just plain SUCKS!

However this one makes me smile!

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