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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half over and Whole tired!

The day is just barely half over and I am already whole tired! I actually got to sleep in because my sister had Lil g last night. So I picked her up at 10. Then we went to the school it being 11:00 early release. So we played in the heat waiting for Cori and Ethan and once the kids came out we waited even longer because Ethan made a little girlfriend and wanted to go play at her house. Of course this little girls mom was the LAST parent to show up! Oh well she seemed nice and I'll call her next week and make arrangements. Then I drove through McDonald's and got chicken nuggets and french fries for the kids to eat. We had to run home to get Lil g clean pants and underwear (I HATE POTTY TRAINING). After that we headed to Ross to buy new pillows and bed sheets for the trailer (which reminds me I have to make a flag for them...grrrr). Allen and the kids' are going to the Shreeve family reunion next week and taking the trailer. So now we're home....I'm hot...the kids are relatively quiet....but I'm not done. My mom will take Lil g for a hair cut this afternoon and I'll have to pick her up from there at 5:30 for swim lessons at 6:00. Hopefully someone will meet me at the pool at 6:30 to take the kids home so I can get going with my evening. Which also means I have to be dressed and pretty before I leave to get Lil g at 5:30! AHHHHH Did I mention I'm tired??

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  1. I finally found you! I saw a comment you made on the Beams blog. So I clicked on your profile.
    You crack me up! So honest! I will link you to my blog too!