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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday

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10 things that are stuck to my fridge

Fridge #1 (kitchen)
1. A chore chart we don't use
2. Several watermelon magnets I made
3. 2007 calendar magent w/ our family picture on it
4. 2007 calendar magnet w/ the Shreeve Family picture on it
5. A purple princess magnet that Cori made
6. A teacher Lynda's magnet
7. Old Life Uniform name badge
8. Old Mary Kay name badge
9. A pen
10. Lots pf pics of the kids

Fridge #2 (dining room)
1. 2007 Phoenix Mercury game schedule
2. 2004 AZ DiamondBacks game schedule
3. A named tag Cori had in preschool
4. A pink AVON clip
5. Convenient Termite and Pest Control Magnet shaped like a truck
6. I heart Robots magnet
7. Shreeve Family Addresses
8. NextCare Urgent Care Magnet
9. 3 pant shaped magnets
10. Accountable Kids magnet

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