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Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday

This is a picture of Ethan back in July of 2006.
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And here is some email correspondance around the same day this picture was taken.

Re: [NWValleyMoms] How was your weekend? My job is to save you money. gigizemail@yahoo.com

The kids and I spent the day at a friends house swimming. We always get up on the roof of our back porch and watch the fireworks at GCC. I am such a FREAK when it come to heights that it takes me about 5 minutes to get up the ladder. But of course I had to walk each kid up the ladder which was the most frightening! I don't trust Allen to do it because he can be an @$$ and goof off just to scare me. I'm not willing to risk my kids lives because he's a jerk! But once we were up the ladder (I think it took more than 10 minutes!) it was really nice!
"Jessica G." wrote:
How was everyone's long weekend? Or was it?

Our company is now gone and I am looking at a really dirty house with no energy to clean it. I am procrastinating. BG left again this morning. So did anyone see fireworks?

Jessica G.

We were outside from like 7am until 11:30! We would have been out longer but I had to take Ethan to speech! The breeze this pm has been so nice as well! gigi

Shelly wrote:
I am in absolute heaven with the weather right now. Rain!!!!!!!!!

I have no habits (no good ones anyway). I don't know how you do it with 6 kids Holly! I'm going crazy with three! gigi

Holly wrote:
Did my swish/swipe for July Habit. Then had a "lightbulb moment". I have always used baby wipes to wipe the countertops, sinks, and another to wipe the toilet down. This is so silly, but today I used another to wipe down the floor around the toilet!! Hoping to keep the floor cleaner with a little every day!! How did everyone else do??

Our schedule flew out the window today because of the nice weather. I guess that's a good excuse though! Even with the schedule I still feel like a chicken w/ no head.

I have made myself stay away from the puter as much as possible because it seems to suck me in! I would love to get everyone together again soon though! If not a flyfest maybe a playdate!


Holly wrote:
Oh Gigi, I do it the same way you do!!! And only 5 are at home now... just like y ou managed from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3!!! And I have 3 older ones who are helpful. I KNOW you have routines, you just mentioned the summer routine you have down now in a previous e-mail :)

This group has been so quiet lately, I miss the chatter and frannys!!! Scavenger hunt again anyone???

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