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Friday, February 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is an email sent out to my mom's group on October 15, 2005. I remember this day very clearly. The day or two before Ethan had gotten ahold of two small cans of black paint I was using to refinish my china cabinet. I THINK he left them out in the sun or something because they EXPLODED! Thank goodness it was out in the dirt, but Ethan was still covered in black paint as was everything he touched. Then on this day he had gotten into orange paint in the house. Thank goodness it was water soluable. OH and this reminds me of something else that happened within a couple days of these incidents. I had a TON of eggs in the fridge and Ethan apparantly decided to make some breakfast. As I recall it was something like 7 DOZEN eggs all over the floor! There are days when I curse my tile (like today) but there are days when I'm SO glad we don't have carpet!

Email to moms group October 15, 2005:
And the saga continues. Today it was orange paint! By the time he was done he and the tile looked like a pumkin! Thank heavens it was water-soluable and was easy to clean, but that kid is going to get one of us killed! I'm either going to kill him or kill myself! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my husband said to me "well, what were you doing?" The only reply I could muster was "oh, in the bathtub taking a leisurely bubble bath, w/ some scented candles, and champaign....WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING!?!?" In actuality I was taking my ritual "spritz". Mothers no longer get "showers". I don't even wait for the water to warm up anymore! I just jump in, freeze my A&& off for a few 2nds, shampoo OR condition my hair (I don't have time to do both), jump out of the shower, throw my towell around me and run down the hall to check on the kids! "It only takes a second" doesn't only mean swimming pools and drowning, it's 2YOs in general! It's gonna take something harder than calgon to take ME away!


My greatest fear is that there is no PMS and this is my personality!

And here are pics of the kids around Easter time 2005. 2005 was the year my harddrive crashed so I don't have many pics from that year. Very sad!


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