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Friday, February 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is a funny flashback Friday for me because the kids are so different now. Especially Georgia. She's still sweet, but she's also the orneriest thing on the planet. Cori is still singing her head off. She's actually watching High School Musical right now and belting all the songs out. Recently her music teacher RAVED about her voice. Ethan is still a monster at home and a gentleman in public. I know, there are worse problems to have. He's no longer afraid of the water either. They're all driving me nuts today! It's raining so they can't go out and they're just sitting and annoying each other. Especially Ethan and Georgia. This email is from June 30, 2006.


Can you tell I've been busy? Here it is, the last day of June, and I'm just NOW getting our family update out! Oh well, at least I've done it and I can say I've successfully kept my New Years resolution for 6 months. That's some kind of record! We just got back from getting family pictures done. That was some kind of feat! The pictures are not as cute as I would have liked but we just could not get all the kids to smile at the same time! Oh well, I guess it shows the "real" them!

Allen has been working a lot of hours because summer is his busy time. He's still looking for a new job (so if you know of any let me know!). He is still tired all the time. He got a machine to sleep with that is supposed to help him breath but it does not work right and he hasn't called the Dr to get it fixed. Very irritating for the person who has to sleep in the same room with him!

I'm doing the same ol' things. I'm still teaching Coupon$ense classes and just recently signed an instructor under me. Our stockpile of food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products is RIDICULOUS! I just recently got a Scooba, which is a robotic mopper that is the sister the the Roomba. I LOVE IT! If something ever happens to Allen I'm going to marry it! It has absolutely saved me! I'm planning a piano recital for the end of July and I'm really looking forward to it. I will have 4 of my students playing in it!

Cori has been in Summer School this month and is absolutely doing awesome. They had a performance last night that was Patriotic themed. She's been singing God Bless America and Yankee Doodle all month. She has this incredible vibrato that I've never heard before in a 5YO! I think she takes after me! We'll be singing duets soon I'm sure!



Ethan did swim lessons and is doing so well! He's developed a little bit of a fear of the water, which he never had before but he'll get over that soon. He's a little fish so having fear is probably safer for the dare devil. Ethan is still doing Speech Therapy and just recently started Occupational Therapy. I love this boy to death but he is driving me crazy! I'm having a lot of issues with him that have to do with his sensory disorder which just compound his bad behavior. The thing that makes me most angry, is when we're in public he is the sweetest most polite boy. He thanks people for EVERYTHING. At home he pretty much screams at me all day. We've been doing a lot of time out. I'm working on it one day at a time. I just hope he lives to see 4.


Georgia is still the sweetest thing in the planet! I can't believe she's already 11 months! She is so bright! She FINALLY got one tooth and is working on another. She copies sounds so well it sounds like she's talking. She's like a little parrot! She is so expressive with body language as well. She's able to tell me what she needs by a look or a point. It's amazing! She's a chunky little thing but she's smaller than the other two were at this age. She's got more hair than Cori did too, so that's a good sign! My mom is always saying how much she reminds her of me when I was a baby.


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