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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday 9

1. Is there a day of the week that time seems to fly by faster than the other days?
Thursday. It's my first day off in the week and I have so much that I "say" I'll do and I get hardly nothing done! LOL

2. Is there a day of the week that seems to never end?
Saturdays, especially if I'm working Family Swim.

3. Have you ever had a strong crush on someone, but did not say anything to that person? If yes, why?
Probably a lot when I was in high school. Back then every crush was a strong crush. I've also like someone who had a girlfriend and I'm not the type to steal someone else's man.

4. Have you had a crush in secret and then told that person? If yes, what happened?
I remember one in particular in high school. I like Josh Holly and rumors started flying about my crush. So I decided to come clean to him. He quite literally had NO reaction!

5. Have you ever been stalked?
haha NO!

6. Have you ever, in retrospect, stalked someone?
Hmm...I remember driving by an ex-boyfriends house a lot. But I eventually lost interest in that! LOL

7. Have you ever slept with someone on a first date?
heh heh....no comment

8. Have you ever regretted not sleeping with someone?
Two people actually

9. What attracts you first to someone else (sexually, romantically or both...you chose)?
A quirky personality trait is what first attracts me and then a great smile is what keeps me.

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  1. I like the honesty. Great answers!

  2. Family Swim a LONG day??
    I wonder why! hee hee!
    Great answers!
    i am a little behind schedule
    My Saturday 9