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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Worst Culinary Disaster

What was your worst culinary disaster?

I'm afraid they're all pretty disasterous. I am a distracted, bored, frustrated cook (in that order). The reason I'm not asked to bring anything to Thanksgiving dinner is because at my first I BURNED "steamed brocolli". Whenever I see cooking shows or recipes I have these grand desires to make something really fantastic. I get going and then the distracted sets in. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to NOT mult-task. So I must be folding laundry or something else while I'm cooking. Not a great idea. Then the bored sets in. There's only so much stiring I can do before I'm bored to tears. Once these two things have set in is when the meal starts getting disasterous. Thus comes the frustration and generally only a 1/2 edible meal. So yeah Culinary Disaster could be my middle name!

1 comment:

  1. don't feel too bad ... I have stuffed up many times.
    Just pick a few faves and learn to do them well or cheat.

    My valentine day choc mousse was a flop.