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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen:Edition 1

Thirteen people I would rather NOT recieve a Valentine from:

1. The guy I lost my virginity to (sadly he may have been the last person to actually GIVE me a Valentine and that was LONG ago). ♥
2. Freddy Crueger (sp?) or someone equally frightening. ♥
3. Jimmy Beam....a karaoke regular at Marc's. ♥
4. Eric, the guy with hair that smelled like puke. ♥
5. The loser on Plenty of Fish who got pissed because I like sushi. ♥
6. ANY of the guys on my "DO NOT ANSWER" list on my phone. ♥
7. Simone Dubois. She is not a real friend. ♥
8. The guy who played "David" the drunk Best Man in The Wedding Singer (and yes I know he's famous enough for me to know his name but I just can't remember it). ♥
9. Tommy Lee ♥
10. Billy Bob Thornton ♥
11. Brad Pitt ♥
12. ANY of my ex boyfriends (that would just be awkward). ♥
13. Anyone who might complicate my life or bring drama into it. ♥

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