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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Gym

Well after having a membership to the Y for MONTHS I finally got my butt down to the gym. I did and hour yesterday and today. I get free childcare while I work out so Ethan and Georgia get to play while I sweat. They gym is decent, not big but lots of good machines. I don't plan on weighing myself for a whole month since I know I'll be gaining muscle weight. I would LOVE to lose a few more inches by my b-day party next week. I've GOT to start eating better. It's so hard for me to eat in the morning. Of course I have breakfast drinks I can drink, but I've found that I have to mix them w/ milk or their way too thick so it makes them harder to just grab and go. I've also fallen off the french fry bandwagon, but I'm back on. NO MORE! And I say this right before I go eat lunch w/ my grandparents! LOL I've got to make sure and eat more meals too. I'm curbing the fast food to only once a week. That's not only for fitness but for the budget as well.

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