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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Today we went out to my grandparent's to celebrate my gpa's b-day. He's 85! Doesn't look or act like it though! Every year there is a BBQ to raise money for the Wittman fire dept at this time and so we always go to that. This year we just got the BBQ as take out and ate at the farm. I was thumbing through some old pics and found one of my g'pa when he was young and OMGosh if he weren't my gpa! What a hotty! (Sorry if I just turned anyone's stomachs w/ that thought but he was better looking than Brad Pitt!) It was a fun day! Allen left tonight for training in Illinois. He'll be gone through Wednesday. I Did a couple loads of laundry for a gal at my church who is wheelchair bound. She usually has someone come in and help her during the day, but her gal quit on her suddenly. So I'm helping her until she finds a new attendant! Didn't get much else done! I'm trying to get a list of people in my church who might be able to benefit from my shopping addiction! I now am the proud owner of 88 boxes of cereal (paid only $8). I'm sending a bunch to my sister too. I plan on going and getting more cereal as many times as I can until the sale ends Tuesday, since this deal is unlimited and doesn't cost me anything else besides my original $8 investment! It's just nice to be able to help others out! If you'd like some cereal come over! LOL

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