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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

OMGosh, sick kids! Well, its 4am and I'm up because I've got 2 coughing kids in my bed. They've had the sniffles for a couple days which I just chalked up to allergies or the change in weather. Now their coughs sound like they are dying! I gave them both the only cough medicine I have, which is a perscription for my 4YO. Their noses are green and yucky and they all just sound so gross! To top it off, I took my 4YO to the library and grocery shopping and when we got home my 2YO apparently had taken a nap and DH didn't think to wake him up! We got home at 9:00pm! I was just sure he'd be up till midnight! Surprisingly he went back to bed, but it was him who woke up crying and moved everyone into my bed!!!!!!!! The baby has been congested for a couple days, but doesn't have the cough. So I guess we're going to the dr instead of school today! We're getting to know our new dr REALLY well!

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