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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I am just so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple days ago there was a mouse on my back porch taunting me. Well, Allen got the little sucker yesterday and I did a happy dance! Then today Cori saw the diseased's friend! I'm sure there are more! Allen is out of town all weekend. There is NO WAY I will set traps and catch them! ARG! Guess I need to plant some mint!

AND I have this "friend" who has made it impossible to answer my phone! I can't get her to SHUT UP! To top it all off she told me this week how wrong it is for me to be on WIC. Her statement was "I pay for my baby's formula and yours". EXCUSE ME? My husband works and we pay PLENTY of taxes. I pay for my formula! I'm one of the most politically conservative people I know and believe that welfare and gov't programs are horribly abused and badly designed. But I also believe that they are there for people trying to get on their feet! My husband just spent that last 4 years in school, so we've needed the help we get from WIC. And anyway, what business is it of hers????????? She also "assumes" I'm going to do things for her. She TOLD me I was helping her out at her daughter's party. I have a hard time w/ confrontation and "hurting people's feelings" so it's hard for me to tell her no. I'm now ready to tell her to SHOVE IT! The worst thing is she has a daughter that Cori likes to play with so if I stop being friends w/ this gal then Cori loses her friend. The little girl is obnoxious and drives me crazy, but is being raised w/ the same religious values. It's getting to the point that that isn't enough anymore! What's worse is we go to the same church and I've actually avoided church because of her!!!!!!!!!! I am just so sick and tired of her! I am not going to answer my phone anymore!

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