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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today I stayed home w/ sick kids, did some last minute shopping (lots of free stuff this week, man I need to work on my food storage! I have no idea where I'm going put things!), but not much in the way of cleaning the house which needs it BADLY. Allen and I finally broke down and bought some mice killer stuff. We really didn't want to because of the kids and dog, but the mice are out of hand. They are underneath my shower, so when I'm showering I hear a heard of mice running around under me and it's very unerving (oh and imagine sitting on the toilet and hearing them running around under the shower next to you! Talk about a show stopper!). They are behind our extra fridge, in the garage, and in the kitchen as well. If they are under my shower that means they are in my bedroom and my scraproom as well. I've seen them go behind the fireplace as well. I am TOTALLY freaked! Since we'll be out of town this weekend we will put the stuff out so there is no chance of the kids or dog getting into it. Allen also bought sticky traps which we will lay out as well. I'll tell you though, when we come home Allen will be going in the house FIRST and doing a thurough inspection before I set foot into the house. I don't want to see a mouse dead or alive!

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