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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shreeve Family March Update

Do they call it March because you just have to keep marching forward and get through all the bumps the year has thrown at you? I'm tired...can you tell? So we've had an eventful year so far. We're on spring break this week and we're going to do as LITTLE as possible! On Saturday we took the kids' the Enchanted Island at Encanto Park and had a GREAT time! There are some pictures attached!

Allen - Still working, nothing much changes for this poor guy. He put my g'parents new cooler up on their house this weekend, so that's a bit of a change I guess.

Gigi - I'm still cleaning my house. After spending the better part of a month w/ my g'parents my house looks like a bomb went off. It's all I can do to keep up w/ the dishes and laundry, much less get the rest of the mess cleaned! I did start a new project in my kitchen (that is almost done). I'm re-doing my cabinets w/ chalk board paint! It looks cool, plus it doubles as great place to make lists and a place for the kids to draw! I'm contemplating getting a job at Tutor Time as well.

Cori - She has lost TWO teeth! The first one she actually LOST! She couldn't find it anywhere. So we wrote the tooth fairy a letter and she got TWO gold dollars! She lost the 2nd tooth on Sunday morning. The tooth fairy was out of gold dollars so she gave TWO Susan B Anthony dollars! (The tooth fairy is cheap, but creative!) I told Cori to put the money in her spending money and she said she didn't want to give them to the people at the store! Funny kid!

Ethan - He has one more week left at Tutor Time. He is doing SO WELL there! He has all sorts of good peer models which we've discovered is key to his development. I wish I could afford the keep him there. That's why I'm applying for a job there. This week has been a little rough because he got into something he shouldn't eat, so his ticks are back and he's acting doubly hyper and sometimes I can tell he's just not comfortable in his skin! It's hard for him to have this much of a set back after doing so great.

Georgia - She is the funniest most grown up little 20month old ever! She speaks in full sentences but you can only understand about half the words she says. And yet all she has to do is look at you and you know EXACTLY what she wants! She does just about everything I tell her to do. She does things w/out me asking, like putting toys away and dishes in the sink. Anytime I start doing something, like putting away laundry she starts "helping". She is also the most mischevious little thing. Too smart for her britches!

And that's all she wrote!

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