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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol tonight!

I was actually pretty impressed with Sanjaya's performance especially compared to weeks past. He's creepy to look at (like Michael Jackson) but he gave a decent performance this time. The girl with the face was hilarious! I couldn't tell if she wanted to cry or throw up! The one that made me want to tear my ears off last week I THINK was Chris Richardson. His performance had a similar effect on me tonight. I think Jordin blew everyone away though! I'm voting for as I type. Last week it was Lakisha, but this week Jordin out-piped her big time! I really like Gina, she is just so cool, but her performance was lacking. Scarily, I agreed w/ everything that Simon said! Oh and Haley would win the prettiest girl ever contest! Too bad her singing is so weak.

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