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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Todya I put out a bunch of stuff for a donation truck. I forgot about it last night (duh) so I wasn't able to get one of the heavier items out to the curb. Thank goodness the Suburban is running again and Allen can just take it down to DI later. I decluttered a bunch of clothes from closets and boxes and seperated them into winter and summer clothes. I took the winter stuff to Kid to Kid to get some credit (plus some of the bigger baby items the Georgie is no longer using like her Johnny Jumper). Was able to get Cori and Ethan a pair of shoes for school and Cori a book for her leappad w/ my credit! I really like Kid to Kid better than Other Mothers or any other 2nd hand store I've been to. It's very clean and organized and the manager is SO NICE. After they went through all my stuff they seperated my stuff into two different boxes. One box of stuff that they wouldn't take because it was soiled and one box that they would happily take in a month or two when the store was cleared out a little more. Makes it very easy for me to keep that one box and get rid of the other crap! Then we went to Basha's. The kids played in the Cubhouse while I organized my coupons a little more and then got some of the free stuff this week! I really love Basha's and that Cub House. Makes for a sane mommy! LOL Now the baby is w/ my mom and the other two are sleeping. We're waiting for daddy to get home so we can go to the Diamondbacks game. We have FREE 6th row tickets, near first base and a free parking pass! My aunt has several sets of season tickets, so she usually gives us tickets for at least 10 games, but not usually the BEST SEATS! We usually sit a little further up! I'm really looking forward to it! I love baseball and my kids love any live sporting event! LOL


We're home from the game! OMGosh it was good! AZ was playing the Houston Astros. Allen is not a sports fan so he made us leave after the 7th inning (actually I'm surprised he sat that long!). AZ was up 14 to 10 when we left! It was a very exciting game! Ethan got a t-shirt! They were throwing them and one landed in his seat. The man behind us tried to take it from him! When Allen took it the man then complained that he wasn't able to have the shirt! WHO ON EARTH would take a shirt from a kid??????????????? Dummy! Our seats were better than I thought. A little higher up, but closer to homeplate than 1st! Many foul balls came in our direction!

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