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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey all! I wish I had time to update everyone individually, but life is crazy! School started August 14th. I am so tired! This school schedule is awesome and SUCKY all at the same time! Cori goes all day Kinder and is doing well. She was very tired at first, but has started to adjust to the long day. Ethan is at the same school as Cori, in the morning for preschool. He loves his teachers and talks about them constantly! He only goes Mon-Thurs and he's always disapointed on Friday when I don't take him to school! I volunteer in the kids' classrooms on Mondays which has been fun the last couple weeks. I'm supposed to have a little time in the morning while the C&E are gone to play w/ Georgia, but SHE SLEEPS THE WHOLE TIME! So I'm a little disapointed by that. She is just so sweet and I love spending time with her.

Did I mention I am tired? I should be napping now instead of typing this, but I'm not. I'm still teaching Coupon $ense classes. They are going well. Our family is gearing up for a big holiday season of donating! Our stockpile is crazy as usual! I am also selling Mary Kay cosmetics now and have really enjoyed it so far. I have been neglecting my skin for so long and now my face feels so nice!

Allen is working a lot......still.........nothing new.......can you tell how excited I am about this?

This is a short horrible update! Sorry, but I just don't have it in me! LOL

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