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Saturday, August 5, 2006

I took Cori to do a research study today. It was another toy study. She did one not too long ago and got a big Cinderella doll and $20. Today she got a neat polly pocket jewelry making set and $15, which she promptly spent on a computer at twice as nice. She saved money for her tithe and savings, so I can't complain. I just wish I knew how to teach her better money management! I don't want her growing up like me! We were at Twice as Nice trying to get some more credit out of the clothes I had in my trunk. I got about $10, which was enough to buy Cori an outfit and Ethan a couple of nice shirts. It's nice to be able to get them clothes this way! Today was Allen's last day working for Camp Sky-Y and he and I went up there for the end of the year party. The weather was SO NICE in Prescott! Allen fought me tooth and nail when I told him I wanted to go to the party. That made me want to go even more because he was being so secrative about it. It's not that I don't trust him, but he wouldn't give me any info about where he was going to be and how late he'd be out (I need SOMETHING to tell the cops if I have to file a missing persons report! LOL). Thankfully my mom was very supportive and took the kids so I could go w/ him. We had a nice time walking around the camp. We plan on going back for family camp next year.

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