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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ode To Wish Bone Raspberry Hazelnut Vinagarette Dressing

I like salads. I've always liked salads. Any kind of salad really. But it was about the vegetables. I really love veggies! Dressing was not a big thing to me. I use whatever we get free (or SUPER SUPER cheap) w/ coupons. Usually something light and see-through. Well a while ago I was able to get some wish bone dressing for 25cents each and happened to pick up the RHV. OMGosh I cannot describe to you HOW MUCH I like this stuff. I ate salad like 3 times everyday just so I could eat this dressing! I ran out of the dressing today and as the last drop squeezed out a really disturbing thought crossed my mind. I though "I wonder if I could put water in the bottle and drink it". I'm considering paying full price for this dressing! Sad, very sad. And kinda scary! It's time to walk away from the dressing!

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