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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We just got back from our vacation. It's the first time since Cori was a baby that we spent a WEEK away from home! We went to Allen's family's ranch down in the Elgin/Sanoita area. The weather was just beautiful! It rained nearly everyday, but I wasn't about to complain considering the hot weather I left AND came back to!
The kids had a blast playing w/ their cousins during the first weekend, which was the family reunion part. They played in the mud, shot bee bee guns (w/ help from their daddy), played w/ bugs, rode in sandrails, and just got good and dirty in general. They LOVED playing in the rain! They almost didn't make it to the end of the week though! They were tired of just playing w/ each other.

Allen and I went shopping down in Sierra Vista and found some AMAZING deals at their wal-mart! There were like 20 clearance racks through-out the store! There was more clearance in that one wal-mart than I have EVER seen at all the wal-marts in Phx combined! I know it's weird to be so excited about clearance, but for those of you who know me really well know that I was in absolute heaven! I got the kids shorts and swimsuits for next summer for under $3 EACH!

Allen and I took a trip down to Nogalas for some cross the border shopping. And I tell you, I am so over shopping in Nogalas. It was the Tuesday right after the holiday and we were about the only white people there. So just about every step we took we had people trying to sell us stuff (which I know is normal, but since we were the only customers in all of Nogalas we had A LOT of salespeople around us!). I wasn't able to browse much on my own since I had people shoving stuff in my face. Thankfully I had Allen there to talk to people in Spanish so I could look around on my own a little bit. We got the girl's matching dresses. So cute! The digital isn't working, so I don't have a picture to send you, but they look like matching Senoritas! We got all the kids maraca's, which we were hoping Ethan would be into, but he didn't really even care about them! LOL I got a beautiful Tiger Eye bracelet as well. Allen didn't find what he was looking for though.

We're glad to be back and getting into the swing of things though. Thankfully we were able to wash all of our dirty laundry while we were at the ranch, so I didn't come home w/ twice as much housework as usual!

Since being back I've become a klutz! A couple nights ago I banged my face on Ethan's bed and got a big fat lip! Yesterday Ethan spilled some orange juice and I slipped on it HARD. I banged my head and and maybe broke my big toe. My entire left side aches from landing on it (although it's the first time in my life I've been grateful for a little extra padding in my hips!). Then later Ethan threw a toy in the air and it hit me in the head! Are you seeing a pattern here....Ethan! So I'm a little beat up!

Other than that we are all doing well. I'm sorry I don't have pictures from our vacation. The only pics we took were w/ a film camera! Hope you are all having a great month!

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