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Monday, June 9, 2008

My day

I'm having serious problems with my feet (skin peeling from the pool...MAYBE a fungus....MAJOR pain from standing on them for 4 hours 3 nights a week on a concrete floor, etc) and my goal this week is to soak them everyday in warm water and epsom salt, get a pedicure on Thursday and buy pool shoes and new tennis shoes. As I sit here typing my feet are soaking!

Allen and I are planning on finally finishing our back room in August so that I can move the girls into that room and rent out one of the front bedrooms. I HAVE to condense my scrapbook stuff to ONE cabinet! I don't scrap as much as I used to so I really need to do this anyway. I plan on spending 15 minutes each day in there decluttering. I worked for 15 minutes out in there tonight. Man it is going to take a LONG TIME to clean that place up! I went through 2 boxes. I made a box of stuff I'm going to give to a scrapper friend of mine (will add more stuff to it everyday and take it to my friend on Sunday)and took a big bin of garbage to the recycle bin. I also brought in a box of stuff that has various things that need to be put away in the house. MUST put those away and not let them sit!

And of course this summer we're doing swim lessons (we're at the pool from 10:45 to 1) and I'm working M,T, W from 3 to 7:30, F 9am to 6pm, and Sat 9am to 4:30pm. I'm hosting karaoke 2-3 nights a week (usually just Thurs and Sat, but sometimes Wed too). Today I got all my coupons clipped and filed while we were at the pool. I went to the bread store before the pool and I've already done my laundry for the day (need to put it away but will do that after work).

This week besides focusing on home blessing (which I'm going to do Tues, Wed AND Thurs) and regular daily chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming) I'm focusing on this weeks zone. I've made a list of everything that needs to get done however I'll be happy if just a few get done. Something is better than nothing. Fingers crossed...it' s a big list (but I've already done a couple things!).

I still haven't put the laundry away and with the way my feet feel I doubt I'll get it all put away tonight but I'll put a little bit away. I really need to do the dishes but I think I'll save them for Cori to do tomorrow.

Oh and I finally took my car through emissions to day and it passed. Glad that's taken care of!

Well as you can see below I have gotten a few of my items done togay! And thanks to those that I have just saved myself a TON of money! My $600 camera has been missing for a couple months now. I thought it had been stolen out of my car! Well tonight as I was putting all my purses into the front closet I came across my fanny pack and MY CAMERA WAS IN IT!!!!!!!!!! !!!! WOO HOO! I'm so glad I hadn't gone and bought a new one! It was on my list! LOL And now I can take the one my friend gave me (she bought a new one and gave me her old one) and I can give it to my mom who has been wanting a digital camera.

Front Entrance/Piano Area:
Declutter front closet
dust piano/coat rack
put purses, etc in closet
buy 6 hooks for kids backpacks/towells/ coats, etc
declutter bookcase

sweep/hose down
put pots in garage
get rid of porch table (anyone want it? it's green plastic)
throw away junk
dead bush in trash

Dining/Office area:
Dust blinds
clean window/put foil in window
move table to vacuum/mop
vacuum rug
dust sewing machine

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