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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did I tell you how funny Li'l G is?

I was puting up the bulletin board in Primary on Sunday and Cori sat down at the piano and started playing around on it. Georgia ran to the podium, grabbed the mic and when Cori stopped playing yelled "Cori PLAY! I need to sing!". I just about DIED laughing!

Oh and Ethan is the funniest kid. He amuzes me! He's into "Transformers" (grandma isn't too happy about it) and today he took rubber bands and attached a cup to each of his arms saying he was a transformer and they were his weapons! The kid is so creative!

Cori is always a good girl. She's swimming in her first swim meet of the season on Saturday. She's doing backstroke and butterfly! I'm a proud mama! I'll post more pictures later!

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