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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A continuation of my list

I'm losing steam....

coupons out of papers
<15 min. cleaning scrap room
1 box trash to recycle bin
1 box of stuff brought in and PUT AWAY
One load of laundry done
decluttered magazines

Front Entrance/Piano Area:
Declutter front closet
dust piano/coat rack
put purses, etc in closet
buy 6 hooks for kids backpacks/towells/ coats, etc
declutter bookcase
move piano bookshelf

sweep/hose down
put pots in garage
get rid of porch table (anyone want it? it's green plastic)
throw away junk
dead bush in trash

Dining/Office area:
Dust blinds
clean window/put foil in window
move table to vacuum/mop
vacuum rug
dust sewing machine

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