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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm lucky my house didn't burn down over night!

I sat down at the computer this morning and I heard this big buzzing sound. I thought for sure some huge insect had gotten in and was trapped somewhere. I looked over at the source of the noise and saw a tiny spark! NOT GOOD! So I turned off the computer and unplugged everything and sure enough one of my extension cords was black and sparking! The amazing thing is it had a piece of plastic over it (a wrapper from some crackers) and didn't catch on fire! It probably was only a matter of time! So crisis abated. We can all go back to our regularly scheduled programs!


I've been trying to get Saturday off for a couple weeks now so I can go to Cori's swim meet. I wasn't having any luck and it was really pissing me off. I cover people shifts at work SO often and no one was willing to help me. Well my boss finally re-arranged the schedule a bit and everything is covered. Thank goodness! Now I can go to Cori's swim meet and teach a Coupon$ense class in the afternoon and host karaoke and MAYBE not be completely wiped out!


Jack crap! LOL Well at the beginning of the week I put on my list to get a pedicure because my feet have been hurting so bad. I did get my pedicure like planned and ended up getting nails too. Last time I go to a place that doesn't speak english. I never know what I'm agreeing too! LOL Actually they look nice and I used to wear acrylic nails all the time, but that was pre-child. It's no fun changing diapers with fake nails. As a matter of fact it's no fun typing with them or picking your nose either. I have yet to go to the bathroom but I recall it not being all that great wiping your butt either. I know I know...TMI!

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