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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm getting this out in JUST the nick of time I guess. Nothing is all that different around here. The kids are all good. Ethan had an EEG this month because we think he may have tourettes. I haven't heard the results of it though. I think all the kids grew a foot this month. We got a new dog this week! Back when we had to put Sassy, our old dog, down I decided we wouldn't have anymore pets because Allen just isn't a pet person. But recently Allen's travel time has doubled, so I'm at the house alone more often. And apparently I'm a BIG CHICKEN. A friend of ours was moving and had to sell her dogs. So Cody got to come home with us. He's an AKC registered chocolate Lab and he is just GREAT! He doesn't speak English though, so he's going to need a little obedience training. I have doubled the amount of Coupon$ense classes I've been teaching and I just recently got a job teaching swim lessons at Teacher Lynda's swim school in Glendale. It's two nights a week and SatAM, so it will work out perfectly. I'm also hoping to get a couple of day care kids ( so if you know anyone looking send them my way!). But everything is pretty good. Hope everyone is well!

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