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Monday, April 2, 2007

9 MILES!!!!!!!!!!

I am so stoked! I have been pretty much consistantly walking to and from my kids school once a day for a couple weeks now (actually I've been doing it on and off all year, but really didn't walk AT ALL while I was caring for my g'pa), which is 4.5 miles round trip. Well today I did it TWICE!!!! I am totally exhausted, but feel so GREAT! The first 2.2mi I pushed about 125lbs, and the last 2.2 I pushed about 75lbs, and inbetween I pushed 25lbs or more (yes, these lbs were my kids). I plan on keeping up on my once a day, but adding the twice a day maybe 2 times a week until I'm built up. I doubt I'll ever build up to 3 times a day, at least not with the heat coming on! But I am just so excited! I hate to say that I'm proud of myself.............but I am!

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