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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well since I'm home sick with no kids today (major projectile vomitting yesterday) I thought I'd fill you guys in on my latest project. My kids went w/ their dad for spring break so I decided to paint, re-carpet, and switch their rooms. What a mess! I wish I had pics to show you guys (my camera was stolen). The rooms look and smell great now! I just painted the rooms white but decorated Ethan's w/ nascar flags. The girls got flower and horse decalls. Cori got a new bed and both Ethan and Cori got new mattresses and pillows. Georgia was moved up into a toddler bed! The carpet looks great. My next project will be to re-paint their dressers. Actually this next week's project is yard work. I need to kill and burn the weeds and mow/edge. But my house looks pretty amazing! The week the kids were gone I had my car PACKED w/ stuff for Goodwill. There was so much stuff in there I could barely fit in to drive it. The kid helping me unload asked if there was anything left in my house! Today I'm doing some laundry and cleaned up my kitchen. I'm in the mood to declutter SOMETHING. Gonna go vacuum the bedrooms and find something to fling! LOL Oh an a HUGE thank you goes out to my friend Maurice for laying my carpet!

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