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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weightloss baby!

Look at how FAT this girl was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These pics were taken back in December of 2006. Don't be alarmed...the fat girl won't eat you. I am about 17 pounds lighter now! I need to get some pics done soon. Maybe I'll go to a studio and get nice ones done. I'm in no way close to where I want to be..........but these pics are so encouraging! This pic to the left is more recent. Not a great angle, but less porky! LOL People keep asking me HOW I'm doing it. Honestly I'm not doing much as I should. My new job teaching swim lessons provides some exersize. I try to do a work out tape at home a couple times a week too. I only drink diet soda. I definitely eat LESS, but not necessarily all that healthy. I've kicked up my water intake. We have YMCA memberships that I MUST start taking advantage of! So keep your eyes open....I'm going to be disapearing before them! hehe

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