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Friday, July 7, 2006

Well we had fun at the Circus today! I was disapointed in how small it was. We won't be going back again until Georgia is older so she can experience it at least once. The kids had a blast, which is the important part, but for the price of tickets and all the crap we bought it just was not worth it. I was sad not to see the fancy show horses, larger elephants, and tigers. I felt like the cat and dog show was the main attraction which was kind of rediculous! Oh and the strongest man in the world needed a spray on tan! YUCK! I had more fun watching my kids' reactions to the circus than the actual circus! LOL

We had to stop at Sister's office before the circus and we found a lost, thirsty, bloody dog. It was a lab. It took us some time to get him situated. Then mom's car wouldn't start! So we took Sister's car to the circus.

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