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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I know, I know it's a little early but I shop through-out the year to make life less stressful around the holidays PLUS I want to find THE BEST deals out there. I also make a lot of gifts so that takes some time as well.

I have Cori's Christmas from "Santa" and from mom&dad all taken care of. It was all stuff off of freecycle so I didn't have to spend any money (except gas I guess). "Santa" is giving her a great decorative fuzzy blue chair. http://www.claires.com/product.asp?name=prod&color=black&rcid=31&id=2443&scid=40 It's similar to this one in the link but it's star shaped and has two matching pillows. M&D are giving her an easy bake oven! Only thing left will be a back-pack filled with underwear, socks, and other neccessities and of course her stocking!

I've gotten Ethan a couple neat cars that I've found on sale here or there. Not sure what "santa" will give him. Santa gives the biggest gifts around here! I have NO IDEA what to do for Georgia!

I need to nail down what I'm making for the grandparents (usually something scrapbook related).

So how early do YOU start thinking about Christmas??? And what do you do to make your holidays less stressful?

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