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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bored at work last night....

So I was re-reading my sent text messages last night and they are quite strange.

11:27pm - To: Facebook Status - Gigi is tired.....& surprisingly bored!
* I didn't have a whole lot of people to talk to at work last night. Which is wierd.

12:45pm - To: Rob - Goodness now Bambie is hitting on me!
* last night seemed to be MY night in terms of people wanting me! LOL

1:32am - To: Facebook Status - Gigi should try Secret by Madonna
* Just a mental note about a song I want to try. I had several of these texts, but my phone only stores 30 sent texts! grrrr

1:40am - To: Facebook Status - Gigi is wondering what the chances are she's going 2 make 75bucks 2nite
* Actually the chances were good! LOL

1:49am - To: Facebook Status - Gigi thinks people are clueless.
* I'm not sure what I was talking about here

1:54am - To: Bob - Except for Ro I think You have questionable taste in women.
* Just an observation to a friend!

1:58am - To: Facebook Satus - Gigi thinks Silver Sprigns is a GREAT way to end the night. And yes that was sarcasm!
* The chica who had the last song picked the LONGEST, most BORING song to sing!

2:25am - To: Facebook Status - Gig is headed hom and thinks her friends are crazy.
* I don't remember who I was referring to!

2:36am - To: Rob - I am home finlly. Heading to bed soon. I need a night lite in my room and a small keychain for my keys.
* Telling Rob I made it home safely and the bit about the lights was just for a reminder for me.

I wish my phone stored more than 30 sent messages. I had quite a few funny texts because I was so bored, but I've been texting people all morning.

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