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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happiness and/or love is not, never was, and never will be an outside thing, person, or situation. We simply CHOOSE to let things affect us in positive and negative ways. Happiness and love are not "out there". A person is happy because they CHOOSE to be happy despite life's circumstances. Choosing happiness comes FIRST, and then the rest of an individual's inner and outer life reflects that with absolute perfection. CHOOSE to be happy despite life's circumstances, and life's circumstances will change as a result of you CHOOSING to be happy! This can't possibly be understood unless put to practice. Our life will only change for the better once we change our outlooks, attitudes, and thought processes. The outer will only change once we change the inner FIRST. Stop choosing to accept things as being negative and just let things BE. Let the negatives go and CHOOSE to be happy! Nothing makes you angry, sad, etc, except your DECISION to be. "He who angers you, conquers you." There are NO outer battles to be fought in life. It all comes down to overcoming our OWN negative limiting thought processes.Happiness and freedom are the result of realizing that nothing whatsoever is needed in order to be happy because happiness has already been CHOSEN, despite what happens in life. Happiness is a choice, and true freedom comes from not needing anything outside oneself. Choosing to be happy at ALL times eventually brings inner wholeness, completion, and peace. If one is already complete, NOTHING else is needed. Attachment to outside things will actually bring suffering because one is searching for true happiness where it cannot be found. Happiness is being grasped for rather than just realized. We realize and experience the happiness and Love that we ARE, by sharing it with others. We share it with others by simply BEING it, and leading by example. We change the world because of what we are, not necessarily because of what we do. What we do is simply an automatic reflection of what we are. Therefore, what we do IS what we are. When we deny love and happiness in others, we're actually denying it within ourself.When you focus on your problems, you're giving them more energy and a greater physical reality. This is focusing on the negatives and perpetuating your problems even further. Problems are created by focusing on the me, myself, and I. When your time and focus is put towards the helping of the greater whole, your own life "problems" will automatically disappear and resolve themselves because your focus and energy is no longer on them. It may just be realized that those problems were all in your head to begin with. There was only a problem to begin with because of false beliefs. The ONLY thing that separates one individual from another is how they CHOOSE to accept life's situations. So back to the original point.. CHOOSE happiness, joy, love, gratitude, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, respect, etc., towards oneself and ALL others, and your outer life situations will change accordingly! It's the emotions, feelings, ideas, concepts, opinions, and beliefs that the individual attaches TO THINGS, that creates problems. There are no problems except what we BELEIVE are problems. Everything you believe, is the truth, but only to you, and only because you believe it's the truth. You've set those laws and limitations upon yourself, with your thoughts. So it's a matter of relinquishing and letting go of those opinions and beliefs, and replacing them with positives that are actually beneficial to you, your life, and all others. But if an individual is getting some sort of satisfaction out of their negative mentalities... that's a whole different matter because the truth is only for those who want it, and for those who want to solve all of their life problems, by puting it to practice.

I don't remember who wrote this or where I found it. I've had it saved on my puter for some time now and I just really like it!

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