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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My day

So I've got to force myself to do this more. I always have so many thoughts going through my head and it's hard for me to get my ADD to let me sit down long enough.

This AM I got up with my kiddos at 6 and spent the morning getting them and my mom ready to get out the door. This is no small task. Our goal of getting the kids to their dad by 7:30 ended up being closer to 8:00. Then I dropped mom at her school and went to get Rob. I was pretty late, which I always feel so bad about. This morning was just such a gorgeous day and I had had such a good time with my kids the last couple days that there was just nothing that was going to bring me down.

Got to the apartment pretty close to 9:30 which didn't give poor Rob any time to lay down at all. I threw the sheets in the washer and started in on the dishes. I showered and took a computer/nap break. I was really tired but had such a hard time falling asleep. I have so many things on my mind including my best friend going through an awful time right now and me having my hands tied and unable to help her. I miss her so much.

Finally fell asleep and slept until Rob came home on his lunch break around 1:30. I got about 15 minutes of Rob time, which was not nearly enough, and had a nice salad for lunch. He's so good to me. I continued with the switching of laundry, did another load of dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. Everything is smelling much fresher! I finally got the drying rack put together that I bought 2 weeks ago. Put my first load of laundry to dry on it. We'll see how it goes. I had a house for 7 years and always wanted a clothes line or drying rack to save on the electric bill and never got one! I'm hoping this works out!

I have only lived in an apartment two other times in my life. Once in 2nd grade for about 2 months and once right after high school for about 3 months. I am not used to not being able to walk out my back door without a shirt on. So when I got the drying rack finished I went to take it to the balcony and gave the guy across the way an eye full. I guess it's no worse than seeing a girl in a bikini...but still. Actually that kind of makes me want to do a social experiment that I've thought about before. I would love to have different situations where one girl goes somewhere in a skimpy bikini and another goes to the same place in bra and underwear. It would be an interesting "people watching" situation.

So I swept off the balcony while I was out there and have continued rebooting the laundry. I've got to get everything put away. I'm taking lots of breaks and trying not to kill myself since I have all day tomorrow to get stuff done. I'd like to bust out my spackle here in a minute, but I think I'll wait till after Rob leaves tonight.

That's about it for this post. I plan on writing about the last couple days a little later.

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