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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My sweet little E-boy

Ethan has been recently diagnosed with low-grade Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has been having a lot of trouble in school this year. Of course we've been aware of some of the minor and seperate issues he's had over years (blocked bowells, sensativity to noise, SID, Apraxia, Tics, OCD, etc) and I have been trying to get a Doctor to give me some kind of diganosis for each of these things individually. But I had no idea that all these issue combine equal autism. The nail in the autism coffin is that he has become violent. Of course he is still the sweet loving Ethan we know, but when something sets him off he tends to hurt people to make them stop what they're doing. A couple months back he walked across his kinder room and cut a little girl with scissors (thank goodness she didn't get more than just a scratch). When asked why he did this he said that she was making too much noise and wouldn't be quiet. I am so sad to see him struggling like this and we are doing everything in our power to help him. His preschool teachers are just so shocked by everything I have told them because, although they noticed the individual problems, they never once had a problem with Ethan like we're having this year. He only goes to school half day. I pick him up everyday at 11 right after lunch. This hasn't solved the problem although he comes home everyday and has a nap and I'm sure he needs them. He is doing fine acidemically, doing everything at grade level. Besides getting him the appropriate therapies we will be holding him back so that he can do Kindergarten again as a more mature little boy. If we let him continue onto 1st grade next year I know he will just stil further and further behind. So this situation has been pretty rough, but we have been dealing with it for years without a name. Now it just has a name and actual things we can do to help this little boy adjust and settle into a pretty normal life.

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