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Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm messy and I'm happy about it!

I have a horribly messy car. It's always that way. I like to blame it on my kids but quite honestly it's mostly cuz I'm too lazy to clean it out. But as of TODAY I've decided I'm GLAD I'm messy! I am a diet-pepsi-aholic. I have HUGE refill cups from 7-11 that I fill once or twice a day. The cup holder in my car is not quite the right size for these cups. So every once in a while I turn a corner and my cup goes flying into the floor of the passenger side. Of course that would normally be a sticky gross mess but thanks to my glorious laziness EVERY DROP of sticky soda was soaked up by napkins, old preschool projects, mcdonalds bags, and other general trash. I scooped up everything on the floor and tossed it in the trash. The floor was barely even wet! So everyone who gives me crap about my messy car can just kindly kiss my tushy! And since it's clean right now I'm gonna have to work on getting it messy for the next time my cup spills!

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