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Monday, October 31, 2005

What kind of toothpaste do you use? Whatever is free
What kind of deodorant do you use? Secret any smell
Do your prefer perfume/cologne or body spray? none
What kind of toilet paper do you use? whatever is 16cents a roll or less
What brand of mayonnaise do you prefer? whichever is 50cents or less per jar
What brand of ketchup do you prefer? whichever is free
Pickles: whichever is free
Have you ever watched Ellen? Yes
Do you like her talk show? I do like it and was surprised that I did!
What is your favorite Care Bear? I don't remember!
Did you watch Gummi Bears when you were a child? watch them do what? I ate them!
Do you like Pringles? I guess
If so... what kind? I don't know
Do you watch NASCAR? Yep, love it!
If so... who is your favorite driver? ummmmmm....hard to pick just one but Dale Ernhardt Jr and Jeff Gordon are usually my faves!
What is your favorite football team? A's
What is your favorite baseball team? Well, I'm a home team gal so Diamondback's!
What is your favorite Disney movie? Bugs Life
Do you remember the candy called Bonkers? no
Have you ever had a cavity? Yep
What flavor of Pop Tarts is your favorite? none! YUCK!
Did you take Psychology in school? Yes
Did you enjoy it? It was easy, so yes!
How many disorders did it make you think you have? None
How's the weather where you are? Cool and beautiful!
Where are you? at home on the computer
Do you use an umbrella when walking outside in the rain? no
Do you wash dishes by hand or use a dish washer? I have a dishwasher
Do you watch Oprah? Yes
Do you enjoy concerts? Yes
What is the best concert you have been to? not sure!
Do you pop your knuckles? no
Do your really believe it is bad for you? Not sure
Do you like cheese? Yep
What kind of sheets do you use? Same sheets my hubby used on his bed before I married him (yes, I need to buy new sheets).
Do you like Barnes and Noble? Yes
This is the end of the survey... Are you sad that it's over? No, I think I have carple-tunnel (sp?) because my arm is hurting! LOL

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