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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

12:14am Tomorrow Cori heads down w/ daddy to the ranch for Labor Day weekend. Allen is working in Tucson and then will be home. Ethan goes down to the ranch Friday w/ Leah. Allen is trying to talk me into going, or letting him go, to the ranch on Sunday evening. I don't wanna! I'm tired and I don't want to sleep on a bad mattress and I want Allen home! PLUS, we have soooooo many projects to work on around here! ARG!

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  1. I'm learning in my very short married life, that sometimes we let our spouses do what we don't want them to just because we love them...you know, pick your battles? That doesn't mean that you have to go (although one day might not hurt), but think about how productive he's going to be if all he's thinking about is how he wants to be at the ranch with his family?